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10 Best Valentine’s gifts to suit your budget

The month of February brings on mixed emotions in the air for many people. As the 14th nears, the question, “What Valentine’s gifts should I get for my loved ones?” is on a lot of persons’ minds. If you are battling with this, then read on for the 10 best ideas for Valentine’s gifts to suit your budget.

Those in new relationships are excited to express their feelings for each other. Persons who know their partners for a long time have run out of ideas. This is also a great time to let your crush know how you feel, you do not want to wait until it is too late.

Also, since Valentine’s Day is about romance and love, it is not just a day for persons in romantic relationships to celebrate. Show your mom, dad, sibling, neighbour and friend how much you care with Valentine’s gifts and help spread joy around the world.

10 Best Valentine’s gifts to brighten up someone’s day

1. Fresh flowers

Oh yes, fresh flowers are the highlight of Valentine’s Day. They flourish everywhere around February month in all pretty colours of red, yellow, purple, pink and white. The arrangements have several types, shapes, sizes and fragrances.

There is no better way to say, “I love you!” or “You are special to me!” on this lovely day. Find yourself a reliable flower shop and start ordering your bouquets for everyone now.

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Go for the WOW with our truly original Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. From a surprise Valentine’s Day flower delivery to decadent treats, delicious Valentine’s chocolate delivery, and other romantic Valentine’s Day surprises, there’s something to make every special someone smile. Choose from Valentine’s flowers like beautiful mixed bouquets and classic roses to impress.

2. Perfume and cologne

Perfume and cologne top the list of Valentine’s gifts on a budget. Nothing says, “You are my sweetheart,” more than a fancy bottle of designer’s perfume and cologne that’s filled with a sweet and exotic fragrance.

Your partner would remember you every time he or she steps out in public smelling and feeling sophisticated and confident. Also, these Valentine’s gifts are suitable for your family and friends as they like to smell nice too.

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3. Jewellery

Add jewellery to your list of Valentine’s gifts on a budget now since you can’t go wrong with this idea. You can even choose a certain type of jewellery for each person based on the type of relationship you have with them.

If you are in a new relationship or you want to give a parent, sibling or friend a gift, then choose jewellery with gems. Know the person’s birth month and give jewellery with birthstones in it. As for persons in long-term relationships, give your significant other a piece of jewellery with something precious like gold and diamond as a symbol of your love.

4. Treats

Another popular idea on people’s list of Valentine’s gifts is something sweet to eat. Just like flowers, the day is filled with red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, candy, cupcakes and marshmallows. They come in all shapes, sizes and have a variety of fillings. The sweet liquids burst in your mouth in flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

If you choose to make something sweet, try your hand at this chocolate lava cake. You can also share the goodness with your loved ones who are watching their figure or monitoring their sugar intake. Give Valentine’s gifts of your creation with recipes for diabetic cake, sugar-free cookies and diabetic-friendly chocolate cheesecake.

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5. Clothing

How about dressing your loved ones in something casual, elegant or sexy for Valentine’s Day? Depending on your relationship with the person, you can give t-shirts and sweaters with loving prints. You can also choose a trendy plus-size outfit for your full-figured darling or mom.

Men, give your lady some seductive lingerie in silk or satin fabric in sensual colours like hot pink, red, purple and black. Women, dress your men in sexy body suits to show off his six pack only for you behind closed doors.

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6. Engraved glass

The gift of an engraved glass is a classy gift to give on Valentine’s Day. The type of glass you choose says how you feel about someone. Glassware as gifts can be champagne flutes for couples, a wine glass for Mom, a beer glass for Dad and a glass set for a close friend.

There are many other engraved glass ideas that you can give as Valentine’s gifts. You can engrave a set of glass globes, sculpture, bird café, hummingbird feeder, ornament, centrepiece, vase and charm with some heartfelt words on it. Choose powerful words that make the engraved glass gift shine.

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7. Photo album

Surprise your loved one with a physical photo album that tells a story about your relationship this Valentine’s Day. Collect photos of the two of you to print from your phone’s library and social media albums. Print your photos in colour on high glossy photo paper and get a fun album or a romantic album to display your memories together.

A photo album is a real gift from the heart. It takes a lot of thought, time and effort to pack the album with printed photos in order of date. On Valentine’s Day, your loved one would be amazed by the photo story you have created displaying all your experiences and moods shared together. This gift is suitable for just about anybody with whom you share photos, your significant other, mom, dad, sibling or friend.

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Create a Custom Valentine’s Day Photo Book

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond typical flowers and generic chocolates to show the ones you love how much you care with a Valentine’s photo book. Whether you want to create a treasury for all of your family’s special memories or celebrate your love with your one and only, a custom Valentine’s Day photo book is the perfect medium for your loving message. Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to personalize your photo book with memories and messages that commemorate your love or friendship. 

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8. Adopt a pet

Show your love to persons in your life with adopted pets as Valentine’s gifts. There are numerous domestic animals in urgent need of a loving home and your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, mom, dad or friend might be a perfect match for a cute puppy or kitten.

Make sure that the person likes animals before choosing this gift. If you know what pet he or she likes, it would be best to get it with the suitable accessories to start taking care of it immediately. You may want to also gift wrap a pet bed, bowl, treats, toys and a litter box if it’s a cat.

9. Phone

Phones need updating every 2 years, so if it’s time for your loved one to upgrade, surprise him or her with something modern this Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a variety of phones for all the persons who matter in your life.

Mom and Dad may want a new phone simply to communicate with you, while your significant other may want one with all the frills that jack up the price. New phones come with impressive features like fingerprint readers, face unlock, 5GHZ Wifi, 4 cameras, macro lenses, a large amount of zoom, storage, speed, high-refresh rate screens and super amoled displays which enhances the way images look on your screen.

Screenshot 2022 01 29 212119

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10. Laptop

A laptop is another device that usually needs updating after a few years so add this to your list of Valentine’s gifts. If your darling, family member or friend has been using a laptop for over 2 years, then he or she is experiencing slow start-ups, low battery power and an outdated operating system.

When shopping for a new laptop this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you know what the person is going to do with it. Laptops have different memory sizes so it is important to know how much would be needed. A graphic artist, video editor, photographer or gamer would need a lot of memory to run software and store files. If they simply browse the internet and use Word documents, then not much is needed.

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Share the love

These 10 suggestions for Valentine’s gifts would score you points in your relationship. Share this article with your family and friends so that they too can get their gifts right. You may actually be a recipient of one of their gifts. Also, remember to share your love with all the people you care about on this joyous occasion and all year long.


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