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Try a water park this weekend

By Nadia Ali. It’s the weekend and I am sure you can’t wait to go outside and play in refreshing, cool water either at the various beaches, waterfalls or river limes in and around sweet Trinidad and Tobago. But what about going to a fun water park for the entire day?

You can shoot down a turbo slide splashing into a pool of water or close your eyes while you float on an inner tube down a lazy river. So, take your pick of water parks right here at home.

Edited from August 2014 – Issue 11

Fun Splash whale ride, August Summer, water park, Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel,

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Funtivities – Get reacquainted with real people

By Marika Mohammed.

It is nice when families enjoy old school entertainment rather than being wired to modern entertainment. It’s the best time to see community bonds being rekindle through good food, games and just the all-round socialisation. Nowadays, families are seen doing different things separate from each other at different times of the day.

Family fun days mean giving up work, tech, school, and nights out without the kiddies to rekindle little body movement, lung screaming and healthy competition with the family. Not only does it benefit the body physically and psychologically but it gives us the moments we won’t ever get back. Time goes by fast and with technology speeding up the process even faster. Even though some individuals may throw tantrums on the way they’ll appreciate it as the years go by reminiscing down memory lane, “Remember when I won this?” or “You ate three doubles at once!”

Family fun days are awesome since it becomes an opportunity to get reacquainted with real people and not just those on social networking sites, get a little rest and relaxation while reconnecting with the people you live with every day without work and school getting in the middle and basically have a great time and lime. What better way to do that than basically at family fun days.

August 2014 – Issue 11

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