Marbles summertime

Summertime when July and August were all mine

By Marc Algernon. Summertime.

I remember summertime.

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July and August were all mine.

Two entire months of no school.

No more teachers, no more rules.

No more pre-dawn showers.

Now I can stay in bed extra hours.

My days were spent with marble pitch.

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Catching fish in a dirty ditch.

Fence jumping, mango pelting.

It’s not trespassing when we’re all laughing.

Mr Jones would shout and shake his fist.

When we reach home we would get some licks.

My river limes were crayfish catching and long hiking treks.

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Now it’s Black Label Rum and geera neck.

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No more selected shows on the TV.

You can simply YouTube anything you want to see.

No more barefoot football on hot pitch.

Now FIFA 17 is the PlayStation switch.

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I remember eating mango till my belly want to buss.

Now my son can’t even climb and my daughter don’t like mango… says it’s too much fuss.

Time for it to be different, time to cure all their ills.

I simply sat right back and just didn’t pay the bills.

Soon the Smart TV went dumb and just wouldn’t say a word.

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My daughter said, “Daddy this is quite absurd.”

They walked to the front door, hands shielding their eyes.

And took a look at the real world for the first time.

July 2017


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