Corner House Chronicles
Warren Le Platte, author of Corner House Chronicles: From the Village Maco. A Trinbago Colouring Book

Corner House Chronicles: Trinidadian artist captures island culture in vibrant colouring book

Creatives are the vibrant threads that weave the rich tapestry of human culture. Warren Le Platte is a Trinidadian creative who possesses a potent combination of passion, imagination, and the ability to translate those qualities into something tangible. His latest work, Corner House Chronicles: From the Village Maco. A Trinbago Colouring Book is a representation of his desire to explore the culture of Trinidad and Tobago and share his passion with anyone 10 years and over.

Corner House Chronicles
Yard Fowl

According to Le Platte, Corner House Chronicles is meant to appeal to a wide base and just shares a bit of humour and some cool images to which you can apply colour. “It’s a 70-page, paperback colouring book with my illustrations accompanied by some funny commentary by the village maco, who knows everybody’s business,” he says.

Corner House Chronicles to ignite emotions in its audience

The creative process is an avenue for self-expression, a way for artists to share their inner world and leave their mark on culture. But it’s also a form of dialogue. Creatives use their talents to spark conversations, pose questions, and ignite emotions in their audience.

In his description of Corner House Chronicles on Amazon, Le Platte connects with his audience whether you’re a lifelong Trinidadian looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or someone simply curious about the island’s spirit.

He shares, “Every neighbourhood has at least one. They’re in everyone’s business, they gossip about everything, they’re the village maco! He spent the entire day minding other people’s business tuh supply you with some entertaining stories! All you need to do is add colour tuh the commess!!! The book is stuffed full of funny scenarios, Trinibago slang, and beautiful art! Guaranteed to be fun for everyone! You may even learn a thing or two!”

Corner House Chronicles

Positive feedback for Corner House Chronicles

There’s a certain magic that happens when a creative’s work resonates with others. Appreciation is a powerful validation, a confirmation that their message has been received, their vulnerability embraced. It fuels their passion and motivates them to keep creating, to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues of expression.

Le Platte has received this appreciation for his work that he says was simply an experiment. “Corner House Chronicles started off as a test of the print-on-demand service offered by but the more I worked on the book the more I realised how much potential it had to be its own thing.

“So far, I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from people in relation to the colouring book. I’m currently working on an illustrated novel that I plan to have published soon and will be followed by more books in the future. Currently, Corner House Chronicles is available on but I will have copies available locally soon.”

Corner House Chronicles

A certified and experienced creative for over 20 years

While talent, vision, and a unique voice are essential for an extraordinary creative, Le Platte also holds certifications and experience under his belt. These signify a dedication to continuous learning and improvement, qualities that inspire trust and confidence in his ability to deliver exceptional results.

Warren shares some of his work:

“I have participated in multiple art exhibitions and my illustrations have been displayed on the ministry of culture’s building and also presented to some of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympians.

I have designed and installed two murals for the United Nations Trinidad and Tobago.

I was the featured designer for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2023.

I designed and developed Trinidad and Tobago’s first Carnival board game called Santimanitay: Race to the Stage.

I’ve been a creative in the fields of graphic design, illustration and photography for over 20 years.

I also lecture part-time in graphic design and photography.

I earned my diploma in graphic design from John Donaldson Technical Institute and my degree in Carnival Studies from the University of the West Indies.”

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Get your copy of Corner House Chronicles

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Trinidad and Tobago with Warren Le Platte’s delightful colouring book, Corner House Chronicles. This unique project is more than just a colouring opportunity – it’s a chance to connect with the island’s humour, traditions, and everyday life through Le Platte’s engaging illustrations and the witty commentary of the “village maco”, a neighbourhood character known for keeping everyone entertained.

Corner House Chronicles offers a fun and artistic way to explore. Unleash your creativity, learn a bit of Trinidadian slang, and get a glimpse into the heart of this captivating Caribbean nation. Click the link to grab your copy and start colouring your way through the vibrant tapestry of Trinidadian culture!


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