Solar Buses

Solar Bus Kit gains new customers for Sono Motors in Scania and LLT

The Solar Bus Kit was tested in a unique project in real-life conditions in the northern hemisphere gaining new customers in Scania for the Munich-based solar mobility OEM Sono Motors (NASDAQ: SEV), a subsidiary of Volkswagen, and LLT, a Swedish public transport authority.

The objective of the project is to optimise the efficiency of the solar technology for buses in northern climates. LLT is the first transport authority in Scandinavia to equip buses with a customised version of the Solar Bus Kit with 1 kW peak installation, and have equipped six Scania model Citywide K320 diesel buses.

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6.4kW Solar Off-Grid Kit with 4kW Power System

The 4kW OutBack power system gives you 4000W continuous power. You can power several 120V/240V AC home appliances

US$14,048 – US$17,560

These solar-equipped buses are used for public transport in Lule√•, Sweden and are intended to help reduce transport emissions. For each year of operation, the solar technology developed by Sono Motors has the potential to save approx. 2.9 tonnes of CO2 and up to 1,100 litres of diesel per bus. According to LLT and Scania, solar technology could be an option in the future to increase the range of electric buses.

Scania, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications. In 2021, the Swedish company sold and delivered over 85,000 trucks and more than 4,400 buses. The Citywide K320 is another bus model for which Sono Motors has optimised its Solar Bus Kit, following the optimisations for the MAN Lion’s City and the Mercedes-Benz Citaro.

Solar Bus Kit can reduce fossil energy sources used and CO2 emissions

“Sustainable public transport is one of the most important pillars of the revolution of mobility. Our Solar Bus Kit was developed as a scalable retrofit product intended to help public transport authorities to start saving diesel and reduce emissions today. We are happy to have found two partners in Scania and LLT who share our values, and it is gratifying to see the fruit of our efforts now on the roads of Sweden,” says Laurin Hahn, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors.

“The Solar Bus Kit has the potential to reduce both the amount of fossil energy sources used and CO2 emissions. For Scania, it is great to be able to test the solar technology for buses in real-life conditions with a client that we know shares similar goals, and with whom we also have a long and established relationship,” says Rutger H√∂rndahl, Senior Technical Advisor Scania Buses and Coaches.

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JuiceBox 40

WiFi-enabled 40-amp smart EV charging station (Level 2 EVSE) with 25-foot cable & integrated cable management

  • Up to 7x faster charge: 40A / 9.6 kW
  • WiFi connectivity with smartphone app and online control dashboard
  • Dynamic LED lights show power, connectivity, and charging status
  • *NEW* built-in cable rack
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Was US$699.00 Now US$649.00 Ships free!

“LLT’s goal is to provide public transportation that has the least amount of impact on the environment. This project is a part of our work to evaluate new technologies and decrease our carbon footprint. By 2030 half of our buses will be fully electric. Solar-equipped hybrid buses will help us learn the pros and cons of this technology. Solar is one of the future’s large-scale energy sources and it’s good for us at LLT, the climate, and the city of Lule√• to gain more knowledge and insight on how solar technology can be implemented as a future mobility solution,” says Jonas Vinblad von Walter, CEO of LLT.

About Sono Motors

Sono Motors is on a pioneering mission to accelerate the revolution of mobility by making every vehicle solar.

Sono Motors’ disruptive solar technology has been engineered to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of vehicle architectures ‚Äď including buses, trucks, trailers, and more ‚Äď to extend range and reduce fuel costs as well as the impact of CO2 emissions, paving the way for climate-friendly mobility.

The Company’s trailblazing vehicle, the Sion, has the potential to become the world’s first affordable solar electric vehicle (SEV) for the masses. Empowered by a strong global community, Sono Motors has over 20,000 reservations with advance down payments for the Sion as of 1 September 2022.

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Eco Worthy 4000W 48V (20x195W) Complete MPPT Off Grid Solar Kit with 3.5kW/80A Hybrid Inverter + 9.6kWh Lithium

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About LLT

LLT plans and executes public transport for buses in Lule√• city. The company dates back to 1923 and for the last 15 years has been in the top three in terms of satisfied customers in Sweden. LLT’s vision is that public transport in Lule√• should be competitive, sustainable, modern and the preferred choice for the city’s residents and visitors.

The city of Lule√• has just over 48,000 inhabitants and over the course of a year this generates 3.4 million customer journeys with LLT. During a winter’s day, with temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius, around 25,000 customers travel with LLT.


Sion: Sono Motors reaches 20,000 reservations

Solar energy project in Texas financed by Monarch Private Capital

First rolled glass manufacturing facility for photovoltaic solar panels to be designed by HFT

Screenshot 2022 07 17 163500

Induction electric ac motor

EV car conversion kits for converting gas petrol to electric

  • AC driving system (1kw-20kw): AC motor and controller
  • Transmission assembly: rear axle, front live shaft, reducer and rear/front drive assembly
  • Power supply system: battery charger and Lithium battery
  • Other components: DC-DC converter, dashboard, pedal, encoder and brake

US$610.16 (TT$4,191.79)


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Munich, Germany

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Elmotorn EV Conversion Kit

Output Power

10kW 72V front wheel drive motor TT$3,261.41/US$480.00

10kW 72V front wheel drive motor & controller TT$6,522.82/US$960.00

10kW 72V rear wheel drive motor TT$3,261.41/US$480.00

10kW 72V rear wheel drive motor & controller TT$6,522.82/US$960.00

10kW 96V front wheel drive motor TT$3,737.03/US$550.00

10kW 96V front wheel drive motor & controller TT$7,609.96/US$1,120.00

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