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7 Things students should check before moving in anywhere

People focus more on the choice of school and course to study. They believe applying to the best schools and studying courses with high prospects alone determines a student’s future. That’s true but know that before moving in any accommodation, there are things you should look out for. A bad choice of accommodation can mar a student’s future.

A place called home for a student is very crucial and should not be handled carelessly. Numerous factors are involved in student housing, making it right or wrong to rent an apartment. Even though there are school hostels or dorms, not every student will have the chance to stay there. Some students would rather live off-campus than stay-in-school residences. 

Whatever your choice is, there are things you should look out for before moving into any accommodation. Before delving into the things to consider in student accommodation, here is something you need to know first.

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7 Things for a student to look out for before moving in any accommodation


The first thing before moving is to compare the prices of many apartments first. You do not want to overspend just because you want to stay in a luxurious apartment as a student. Therefore, if you can’t afford it, you may look elsewhere.

However, you can rent an apartment and share it with other students if you don’t mind the pros of sharing an apartment with other students. This option is not usually a problem, but it could be disastrous if you spend months with a lousy housemate or roommate.

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Here is the second crucial thing to check before moving. Usually, a student may only check the proximity of an apartment to the campus. Yes, that’s good, but there is one more thing about where an apartment is located.

Is the environment safe? Have you asked around to know if theft or gun violence is not common? Some students suffer robbery a lot by choosing a lovely apartment in the wrong location.

Hence, make proper findings to avoid stories that touch the heart. 


What are the facilities you prioritise in an apartment as a student? Have a list according to the benefits to you. Then, check out the apartments you prefer in the safe area that’s not far or too far from campus.

Some facilities to be prioritised are the study area, Wi-Fi, parking space if you have a car, and pet park if you have a pet or may keep one. You also have a swimming pool if the location of your campus is always hot in summer.

Laundry, security, on-site maintenance, insurance, fitness facilities, and communal social spaces are other things to look out for in an apartment. You want to be sure those facilities are worth it if you pay separately. If not, ensure they are functioning well.


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Lease terms

Read the lease terms carefully and understand each term before signing the contract. Know the duration of the lease and dates to move in and out of the property. Know the utilities included in your rent, and if not, know the price for each of them.

Ask if there are any extra charges if not mentioned because some apartment management could be shady. Another essential thing to know is the fee for lease breakage and sublease terms if you decide to move out of the apartment before your rent dues. 

Type of apartment

What type of apartment do you prefer? Furnished or unfurnished? This is a choice based on individuals. Some students prefer furnishings because they don’t need to pack much stuff for the accommodation. Mostly, people relocating from a very distant place or country prefer furnished apartments.

Some people prefer unfurnished food that they can style to their taste minimally. This can be a better option for someone relocating from the same country or a closer state. Whatever you decide is cool; there is no specific rule for your choice here. Just go for the one that is suitable for you.  

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Style of design

Another common thing some students look out for in accommodation is the style of design of the apartments. Some people go as far as letting the paint colour determine their choice of apartment. 

Kitchen style and design are other things that may interest you—also flooring style, which could be carpet or hardwood. Ensure you decide on these to be able to stay in an apartment you can always feel comfortable living in throughout your stay.

Customer service

Indeed, no one wants to associate with a rude person. It may surprise you that some apartment managers are rude or lack good customer service knowledge.

From the time you check out the apartments, try to observe the customer service and their promptness to inquiries.

If they do not attend to you fast or they usually delay their responses, there is a high chance that they may always delay actions when there is a need to fix something in the apartment.  

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You may not get perfect accommodation, especially for students. However, your priority is what should determine which apartment to settle for. Also, avoid renting an apartment located in a busy area to prevent noise that could affect your sleep quality.


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