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This is why you should choose a tech career

In past years, industries like the stock market, oil and petrol sectors used to be everyone’s top aspirations in terms of salary and stability. However, this has changed over time. Today, people view having a tech career as more promising.

The tech industry is one of the most competitive sectors worldwide. Due to the low supply and high demand for tech workers, it offers high salaries and many job opportunities. We’ll reveal some of the top reasons you should consider a tech career.

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Top reasons you should choose a tech career

Learning opportunities

If you enjoy studying and learning about new trends, a tech career might be for you. Tech careers such as software engineering, cyber security, database administration, data science and more often require a lot of training and studying to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Technology is always changing, so you’ll need to constantly learn about new topics and trends.

Employers are well aware of this, so they invest in their employee’s career development by paying for college degrees, coding bootcamps, online courses, and more. Employees attend schools like General Assembly, Coding Dojo, Thinkful, App Academy, DataCamp, and Springboard to gain necessary knowledge to advance in their career. In addition to that, tech companies always face changes, so you’ll learn from their own processes.

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Job benefits

Tech workers have multiple job benefits, including health and life insurance, career development, flexible schedules, paid time off, and work-from-home options. As a tech worker, you will have the possibility to work from home, which will provide you with a more work-life balance. You will spend more time with your family and create your own schedule.

Since many companies struggle to find tech workers, they usually offer competitive benefits to attract talent. As we mentioned earlier, there is a low supply of tech professionals, which makes the entire hiring process more challenging.

More job stability

The pandemic has shaken most people’s world. This entire outbreak led companies to shut their doors and this left many employees unemployed. However, tech workers continued working from home. That made people reconsider their priorities when looking for new jobs.

A tech career is future-proof, which means it won’t be easily disrupted. You can enjoy more job stability considering that tech jobs are in-demand and projected to grow even more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Technology (IT) jobs are expected to grow by 13 percent.


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Great compensation

Technology jobs are known for having high salaries. According to BLS, the average IT salary is $91,250. This is considerably high if we compare it to the national average salary, which is $58,260. Even though the tech industry hasn’t surpassed the healthcare sector in terms of compensation, it is still one of the highest-paying markets.

In fact, many people’s biggest motivation to move to a tech career is the salary increase. According to a recent edX survey, 39 percent of career changers are motivated by salary. You’re not selfish for choosing a career because of high compensation. You’re part of that 39 percent, and that’s ok.

Highest-paying tech salaries

If you’re curious about how much tech workers earn, take a look at the following table. We’ll show you the average salary of various occupations, their demand, and education requirements. This data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

ProfessionSalaryJob OutlookBasic education requirement
Data ScientistsUS$126,83022 percentMaster’s degree
Computer ArchitectsUS$116,7805 percentBachelor’s degree
Software DevelopersUS$110,14022 percentBachelor’s degree
Cyber securityUS$103,59033 percentBachelor’s degree
Database administrationUS$98,8608 percentBachelor’s degree


A tech career is not only highly lucrative, but it also provides a lot of stability and job benefits. If you’re trying to pursue a tech profession, you should invest in your education, get some experience, and make connections. This might be your opportunity to bootstrap your career and make a positive change.


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