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6 New technologies in education that will transform the classroom

Do you know how the classrooms will look in a few years? New technologies in education are paving the way far into the future as we can’t even imagine.

However, we have something to push away from. So, engage your fantasy and dive into the high-tech world that will soon change the education industry. Remember this moment because it will never happen again.

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6 new technologies in education that will change the classroom

# 1 AR/VR for learning History, Geography, and foreign languages

VR and AR technologies are gaining significant popularity in education. Experts believe that by 2025, projects with such novelties will cost $12.6 billion, compared to $1.8 billion in 2018. Most VR systems available today include a headset with a display or glasses.

Right now, the market has affordable VR devices like Google Cardboard and its analogues, in which the role of screens, the most expensive element of such gadgets, is played by a smartphone.

More advanced devices like the Oculus Rift and Valve Index often come with additional accessories such as controllers, gloves, and distance sensors. In a VR headset, you see a fully rendered space around you but not the real world. In AR glasses, the graphics are superimposed on the objects around you.

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The same principle is followed by AR software for smartphones: the screen shows a “mix” of what the camera sees and the superimposed graphics. So, for example, you can see African animals walking around your apartment on your smartphone screen.

In addition, using AR and VR technologies in education also allow teachers to conduct museum tours and interactive geography and history lessons.

For example, the Unimersiv platform offers augmented reality learning about dinosaurs. As for learning foreign languages, it is worth mentioning Mondly, which immerses you in a language environment, so you can quickly discover the vocabulary for typical situations, for example, dialogue on the train, in a restaurant, or at a hotel reception.

# 2 What could be better than LEGO? Only a 3D printer for kids

The 3D printer allows students to create a working mini-model (and they don’t have to see it out of plywood with a jigsaw) to test the engineering design so that young engineers can hone their skills to the last detail. Today, any student can save time and money with CAD programs by supplementing their equipment with a 3D printer.

Fortunately, 3D printers are constantly falling in price so they will be available to anyone and everyone very soon. In addition, physical models develop abstract thinking (did everyone in chemistry class have visual molecules?), which means that if you print out a physical version of the structure, students can better understand what they are dealing with.

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# 3 Cloud computing

Perhaps students won’t like such innovations of the future too much. So the usual excuses like “my little sister tore pages of my homework” or “I forgot my diary” will be forgotten forever. They won’t work.

In future classrooms, students will have a compact electronic device providing access to homework and other learning resources in the cloud, allowing teachers to check an assignment’s availability quickly. The main thing is to have the Internet.

On the other hand, such technology will also benefit students because it saves them from the need to carry textbooks, work on projects at home, and use the services of a digital library. And in addition to all this, you can also use the Best Essays Education website, which helps in writing essays, turning the learning process into an accurate fairy tale.

# 4 SNS as a socially-oriented approach to learning

Some institutions are already taking advantage of the virtual world of Second Life to provide students with an online platform to communicate with each other. These networks are part of a cloud-based platform and allow students to focus entirely on the learning process and share their thoughts on specific topics.

Teachers, in turn, act as moderators, which frees up time to write their dissertations. For example, they can use the Trust My Paper website to enhance their professional development. In this way, SNS will be a great feedback tool, giving the green light to a socially oriented approach to teaching that may soon become mainstream.

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# 5 Flexible displays replace lecture notes

Taking notes still works, especially during lectures, but it is shifting from paper to electronic devices and gadgets. As education becomes more digitised, it’s safe to say that notes will take a back seat in the future. So how do we keep it convenient? Flexible OLED-based displays are new technologies in education that quickly solve this issue.

These displays will be light, flexible, and thin, similar to ordinary paper. They could be rolled up into a tube or stored in a stack. However, unlike standard paper, these plastic electronic documents are not only durable but also interactive. Swipes, taps, and pinching will help you discover all the conveniences of such paper.

# 6 Biometrics: Eye tracking

Generally, biometrics is usually related to the security field because it uses something unique to each of us: fingerprints and facial or voice recognition. For example, from an educational perspective, an institution could use fingerprints to prevent absenteeism when giving out books from the school library.

However, eye tracking can also be helpful, for example, in that it provides invaluable data for teachers. It’s also a visual representation of how students absorb the learning material.

Inexpensive alternatives are being embodied in Eye Tribe for Windows and Android, so it’s only a matter of time before educators use this data which can be organised so that each student is comfortable.

On the other hand, eye movement models can also determine content delivery and identify problems before they occur. This is another way technologies in education will change the

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Education may no longer be limited to formal institutions like schools and courses in the future. Instead, eye-tracking technology, augmented reality, cloud computing, social media, and adaptive learning systems will enable lessons outside the school walls.

Experimentation and error will also be encouraged because there will be no real consequences of budgetary costs. With new technologies in education, students will see learning as a rewarding part of their lives that needs active participation rather than a tedious chore.

About the Author: Max Mitchell is a freelance writer. He is very passionate about typing, creating complicated spreadsheets, and consuming an inhuman amount of caffeine. Nevertheless, he is also the creative type of individual who will always find a new perspective on topics of interest.


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