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How technology has improved society in multiple ways?

Technology has completely changed the way we live, from virtual reality to cryptocurrencies to artificial intelligence and everything in between. In so many ways, it has integrated into every aspect of our life.

Technology also offers options, chances, and solutions that would not be possible without it. We can now do a lot in a short amount of time because of the easier, more comfortable way of living.

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Our society has been able to become much more efficient because of things like being able to contact a loved one on the phone, having access to a wide range of resources, being able to transfer money, and travelling long places without having to walk.


It’s amusing and paradoxical how we constantly lament our growing isolation while, in many ways, technology has facilitated communication.

Particularly social networking applications have been under fire over the years for concerns including bullying, time wastage, and being less real than face-to-face engagement. However, how would you be able to communicate instantly with your friend who lives abroad without a phone and social media?

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We are living longer for a reason, and that reason is that our health services are more advanced than ever. How do we even start? The possibilities of healthcare today—from fitness trackers to regenerative medicine and organ transplants—would not exist without technology.

The quality of medications and solutions, patient safety, healthcare facilities and processes, and errors have all improved. There have been several advancements in the medical fields of biotechnology, medication, and equipment. It’s a fascinating moment when researchers and medical professionals are even experimenting with 3D printing bodily parts!

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Safe financial management

How we handle money has also undergone a change thanks to technology. The days of collecting all your receipts to file your taxes or pay your bills are long gone. Today, you can easily pay your bills, file your taxes, and have all of your paperwork in one location with a few clicks and ups. Additionally, you are not required to carry cash.

With the help of mobile money wallets like the bitcoin wallet you may easily deal with your money and keep it secure in your account.

Not to mention that you may manage your portfolio and invest from the comfort of your own home, making the process considerably simpler. Additionally, expense trackers are useful for tracking your finances so you can see where your money is going.

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The internet

What would we do if search engines didn’t exist? What about all the business owners, positions, and organisations that wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the opportunities provided by the internet? It serves as a bookstore, news station, gathering area, mall, arcade, and repository of information. In one location, you can track sales, promote, and sell goods.

Not to add, it has greatly enhanced our educational systems. Students may learn things more quickly and effectively since they have access to so much more information. You can take classes online, work with classmates remotely, and access research and archive materials that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

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When it comes to travel and technology, the entire globe is essentially at your disposal. If your financial condition permits it, you are free to travel wherever you like. Have you ever been curious about life in Thailand? What about island beach vacations like those in the Maldives or the energy of New York’s large city?

Sincerely, without air planes, where would we be? Technology has made all of this possible.
Can you imagine utilising a street directory as your only form of transportation in the age of GPS and Google Maps? Who knows what the travel landscape will look like in the future with Uber considering offering flying taxi services and developments in driver less cars.

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Data storage

Everything was done manually in the past, with data being stored in cabinets. Every piece of paper was significant, therefore it was a shame if you lost one. Because you wouldn’t have been able to reproduce it in any manner.

You might need to look through for a long time before you locate what you’re looking for.
Now, information can be accessed quickly with a few mouse clicks on a computer, searched with ease, and backed up on external hard drives or in the cloud. It has made it possible for us to operate remotely and jointly at work and school, which has greatly increased our production levels.

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Despite the risks to our cyber security, technology has given us ways to make our lives safer. To deter robberies, your neighbourhood supermarket can put up surveillance cameras. You can install smart locks, and there are even applications designed to increase the protection of women and domestic violence victims.

Without it, how would you be able to get in touch with the emergency services? Even robotic search and rescue teams are available for use in calamities! We can reach out and locate those who are in danger because of technology.

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Everyday appliances

Without a fridge, what would you do? A washing machine or a dishwasher? Or one of those sophisticated robotic vacuum cleaners that almost require no effort from the user? And what about heaters and air conditioners for our freezing winters and scorching summers?

Our everyday lives are now much more commodious and pleasant thanks to technology. We now have the time to do the things we truly want to accomplish.


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