Legalisation of weed in Thailand
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Legalisation of weed in Thailand: All you need to know

You can discover all the relevant facts about the recent legalisation of weed in Thailand on the website and blog Thailand Weed that is devoted to creating engaging and informative articles.

The use of weed in Thailand, and most importantly its legality, has been a disputed topic within the Thai Government for several years. In 2020, they released a new set of laws that allowed medical cannabis to be used to provide relief for chronic or medicinal purposes, while still maintaining that possession of large amounts or public use was illegal.

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Legalisation of weed in Thailand can lead to possible decrease in crime

Now Thailand has become the first country in Asia to decriminalise cannabis and encourage its medical use after The Thailand Public Ministry of Health recognised its positive impact and list of benefits for treating a range of health conditions and diseases.

While recreational use of marijuana in Thailand is still classed as illegal, this new law can make it more accessible to patients, lead to the possible decrease in crime (as there will be less need for it to be traded and purchased illegally) and can also offer a boost to Thailand’s economy with a variety of new jobs becoming available, such as, production, cultivation and distribution.

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The new law

The Health Minister of Thailand, Anutin Charnvirakul, has been a long-time advocate for the medical use of marijuana as he argues that not only does the decriminalisation aid in the treatment of chronic diseases and can bring other health benefits but that it can also be beneficial for the country’s economy.

On the other hand, Charnvirakul and other members of the Health Ministry have made it crystal clear that recreational use is still not only discouraged but is very much prohibited and can lead to fines or even prison sentences.

Thailand Weed have made a useful guide of Thailand’s current cannabis legislature, so that you are fully aware of all the laws and conditions, an example of this is below:

  • CBD or “hemp” based cannabis products are completely legal in Thailand.
  • If approved by the Thai government, marijuana can be homegrown if it is intended to be used for medical purposes.
  • Individuals must first receive a medical prescription for marijuana use from a licensed physician, only then can they go to government approved hospitals or cannabis clinics to receive the drug.
  • Components of the plant, including the bud and sees, can now be legally used for medical or science-related reasons.

Positive effects

Studies throughout the world have demonstrated that cannabis can help alleviate some symptoms of chronic conditions or diseases, such as, Crohn’s Disease, Cancer, Tourette’s Syndrome, Epilepsy and Schizophrenia, among many others.

Although, not only has medical marijuana with THC (the component that produces the feeling of a “high”) been shown as helpful, but so has CBD. This is commonly found in the form of oils or gummies and is popularly used as CBD can help alleviate complaints associated with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety and different types of inflammation without causing a “high.”

While the recent change in legalisation on the medical use of marijuana in Thailand is apparent due to this selection of benefits, the bill also intends to create a positive social and economic impact.

This is because these new regulations will allow for new job prospects, especially for the more rural populations, by creating a new industry around the production and manufacture of marijuana. This in turn will produce more income opportunities and open up possible business ventures in the marketing and distribution of cannabis.

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