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Loved ones, let’s make each other happy

By Learie Charles. Those TV shows, you know the ones where they take your car or they go into your house when you’re not at home, and redo everything. It always seems like a good idea to the loved ones doing it, but for the person being surprised, there are times when I could tell it’s not so thrilling.

Most of them go along with the whole thing anyway. They act politely to keep from making their loved ones feel bad.

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Efforts and sacrifices of loved ones

That’s probably the thinking, especially when they see the effort their loved ones put into trying to make them happy.

That kind of effort from a loved one makes a lot of people more satisfied, than any car, or any room in a house could.

It says a lot about how humans really feel about the value of family, and the sacrifices we are prepared to make to keep each other happy.

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Change of colour wouldn’t hurt

So, what if your bedroom is now painted in fluorescent pink. It’s the thought behind the effort that counts the most.

A little change in colour won’t hurt you one bit. The sports car that you painted in Ferrari red so you could impress your friends, well it’s now green, with a giant painting of Kermit the Frog on the trunk.

The kids thought you’d love it. A part of you would say, “O my goodness!” But the other part says, “I can’t believe they did all of this, just for me”. And that’s the most important part.

The part that connects you, to the ones you love the most. Let’s use that second part some more, and make each other happy.

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