Jawline filler
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3 Things to consider after jawline filler

Jawline filler, which is among the popular aesthetic applications, is a procedure that gives the face an aesthetic appearance without a surgical procedure such as lip augmentation. The Jawline contour becomes clear with the filling process starting from the tip of the chin towards the front of the ear.

Although this process is a simple and low-risk application, there are some situations that should be considered. In this article, we have listed the important factors that you should pay attention to after jawline filler.

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3 Factors to pay attention to after jawline filler

Drink water

Although jawline filler is an operation that does not require surgical procedures just like lip augmentation and a condition that ultimately affects the body. Drinking plenty of water is also extremely healthy under normal conditions, but it is important to drink plenty of warm water, provided that it is not too cold or too hot in such aesthetic operations. Along with drinking plenty of water, other points you should pay attention to after jawline filler or lip augmentation:

  1. Use moisturiser
  2. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet
  3. Protecting your skin against harmful sun rays with sunscreen
  4. Adopt a stress-free lifestyle

Things to consider after jawline filling

Lip augmentation can also be performed with jawline filler. The points to be considered after the application are almost the same, including the patients who prefer it relatively. The main conditions that you should pay attention to after Jawline filler and lip augmentation operations:

  • After the application, you should stand in an upright position for one or two hours and avoid strenuous and heavy exercises for the first 24 hours.
  • It is useful to wait an average of one week to apply skincare and make-up.
  • Do not enter the pool during the first two weeks as there is a risk of infection.
  • If you have herpes and similar conditions on the lips, you should not have fillers. After the filling, you should not lie in the prone position for the first four hours and wait at least two days for the laser procedure.
  • You should avoid consumption as excessive alcohol consumption on the day of the operation will increase the possibility of edema.
  • You should wait about a week for dental treatment.
  • If there is a problem with acne, you should not fill it, and the area where the procedure will be applied should be clean and healthy.
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Healing process after jawline filler

It is necessary not to lie down or lie down for the first few hours after a professional jawline filler. Otherwise, conditions such as sliding of the filler towards the eye area and sagging of the eyelid may occur. In the first 24 hours, hot baths and showers should not be taken in order not to cause redness on the face. To accelerate the healing process, you should stay away from the sun for a while.

Edema and swelling are frequently seen in this process, and mild pain, redness, regional bruising, itching, and skin rashes are normal. Swelling and edema in the filling made by people who are competent in their work will pass within an average of 48 hours.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital jawline filler

You can choose our Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital to achieve success in the jawline filler application and to achieve the results you want without harming your health. As in many aesthetic operations, you can be treated with peace of mind in our hospital, which has successful physicians in jawline filler and lip augmentation operations.


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