Hair loss
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Hair loss – what you need to know

A recent survey reveals that hair loss has become one of the common issues these days. Scalp diseases and other conditions can cause hair loss. It depends where you live and what type of exposure your hair has. One of the leading causes of hair loss is the hereditary factor.

Experts of hair transplant in multan say that if you lose around 50 to 100 hairs a day, it is normal only when you have plenty of hair on your head or it can appear more noticeable.

The natural process says that new hair replaces the old ones, but it does not happen every time. Hair loss can occur anytime or over years. It depends on the causing factor. Experts say that your hair loss may be temporary or can be a permanent one. You should visit your doctor to check the cause and treatment for hair loss. Experts of hair transplants say that early treatment for hair loss can prevent permanent loss.

Losing clumps of hair while shampooing or brushing them can freak you out but you should look for the results as stress can trigger hair loss.

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Causes of hair loss

When you see your doctor, your hair loss will be checked to see what the underlying cause of hair loss is. People who have a family history of baldness are at risk of losing hair. During intercourse, certain sex hormones can trigger hair loss problems.

Sometimes, you experience hair loss due to the changes in the hair growth cycle. Traumatic events or surgery can cause hair loss. Illnesses can also be the reason for the changes in the hair growth cycle.

Temporary hair loss can also occur during different conditions, such as childbirth, menopause, pregnancy, etc.

Some medical conditions can also cause temporary hair loss. After recovery, your hair growth cycle will be recovered.

People with thyroid disease, scalp infections, and alopecia areata may experience hair problems.

Some medication intake can also result in hair loss. Medicines for high blood pressure, depression, cancer, and heart problems increase the risk of hair loss.

Research also concluded that any emotional shock or trauma can also lead to hair growth problems.

For example, if you have a death in your family, lose weight loss, and have a high fever.

Pressure on hair follicles also results in hair loss. Make sure that you do not try a hairstyle that pulls your hair too much. Poor nutrition is also a leading cause of hair loss.

A diet that does not contain proteins, iron, and other essential nutrients puts you at a high risk of losing your hair.

How to diagnose hair loss?

When you see a persistent hair loss, it means that there is an underlying health issue.

You need to visit a dermatologist to diagnose the real cause of hair loss. It will be based on the physical examination and depends on your medical history.

Sometimes, all you need is to make some changes to your diet plan. Prescription medicine can help you too to increase the hair growth cycle.

Skin disease may also be the reason for your hair loss. A biopsy is a way to diagnose a skin infection or disease.

Treatments for every hair loss need

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Treatments for hair loss

There is a medical treatment that your doctor will suggest to you. OTC medications like topical creams are often used to treat scalp issues.

Medical procedures for hair loss include hair transplant surgery. It involves the movement of the small plug of skin to the bald area of the head.

People with inherited baldness are more likely to have successful hair transplant surgery.

Scalp reduction is also a medical treatment in which surgeons eliminate the scalp side with no hair.

Tissue expansion helps to cover the bald spots but it contains two surgeries. These types of surgeries are pretty expensive but also carry risks, like bleeding, infection, etc.

Final thought

Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices can prevent hair loss. But inherited hair loss can result in permanent baldness which can be resolved by the hair transplant process.

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Hair loss – what you need to know, Hair loss – what you need to know, Hair loss – what you need to know, Hair loss – what you need to know, Hair loss – what you need to know

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