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Read this before you update to iOS 17.5: Intimate photos resurface

Recently, there were some issues with iOS 17 covered in our article, Read this before you update to iOS 17: Addressing NameDrop concerns. Apple in an attempt to address these very serious security concerns brought iOS 17.5 with new features.

If you missed it or would like a reminder, here is a brief summary of the article on iOS 17.

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iOS 17 shortfalls

NameDrop, designed for easy contact sharing by tapping iPhones together, raised privacy concerns. Authorities warned it could be misused to grab someone’s contact information without their knowledge. However, NameDrop requires user confirmation before any data is exchanged. While designed to be seamless, some users experienced issues with NameDrop not working properly. This could be due to software bugs, incompatibility, or disabled features like Wifi or Bluetooth.

As you can see, there was a serious issue when it came to security with iOS 17. Now, iOS 17.5 has presented its own problems.

Problems with iOS 17.5

iOS 17.5 undeletes photos

Perhaps the most concerning bug is the reappearance of deleted photos, including potentially sensitive ones, in the Photos app and iCloud. Some users report seeing photos from years ago.

iOS 17.5 connectivity issues

There have been reports of general connectivity issues, including problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after the update.

Other bugs in iOS 17.5

Other reported bugs include issues with the Alarm clock, and in some cases, third-party apps not functioning properly.

It’s important to note that these are just some reported issues, and you may not experience them all, or any at all. Apple is likely working on fixes, and you may want to check for updates (iOS 17.5.1 may already be available).

These issues may seem to be a minor inconvenience at first glance, but they demonstrate a clear deficiency in the security at Apple. This latest issue has presented a unique set of problems for iPhone users as can be seen of various forum posts across the internet. Intimate photos from over a decade ago reappear on devices. Some of these devices have entered the secondary used phone market and so the pictures are in the hands of strangers.

The question on a lot of people’s minds is, why Apple is storing users’ pictures? Even if they could justify that with an answer, the other question is, why would they need to hold on to them for years on end? In a world where user information is the new oil, it brings up more questions than answers. It also demonstrates that the security that Apple has boasted about for the last 10+ years may not be as secure as we think.

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iOS security stumbles, time to ditch iOS for Android

Apple prides itself on user privacy and security, but recent updates to iOS have raised eyebrows. This brings into question the security at Apple and if it can even be trusted, we should first examine the security concerns plaguing iOS 17 and iOS 17.5, and see if the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a more secure alternative.

iOS 17: The NameDrop debacle

iOS 17 introduced NameDrop, a feature allowing contact sharing by simply tapping iPhones together. While convenient, privacy advocates expressed concerns. NameDrop, they argued, could be exploited to steal contact information without a user’s knowledge. While Apple included confirmation prompts, the initial design raised red flags.

iOS 17.5: Bug-ridden security patch?

iOS 17.5 aimed to patch vulnerabilities, but introduced its own problems. The most concerning bug involves the resurrection of deleted photos, including potentially sensitive ones, in the Photos app. This raises serious questions about data deletion and user control over their information.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Knox Armor

Samsung devices come equipped with Knox, a robust security platform offering hardware-backed protection. Knox isolates sensitive data and safeguards against unauthorised access. Additionally, Samsung is known for prompt security patches, addressing vulnerabilities swiftly.

Beyond security: A galaxy of features

Security is paramount, but it’s not the whole picture. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a powerful processor, a stunning camera system, and a gorgeous, expansive display. With its S Pen integration, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra caters to power users and creative professionals alike.

Switching ecosystems: Not as daunting as you think

Transitioning from iOS to Android might seem daunting, but Google has made significant strides in simplifying the process. Tools exist to transfer contacts, photos, and even app data, making the switch smoother than ever.

The verdict: Time for a change?

Recent security concerns with iOS, coupled with the feature-packed security of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, make a compelling case for a switch. While not every Android experience is created equal, Samsung’s commitment to security and innovation positions the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra as a serious contender for those seeking a secure and feature-rich mobile experience.

Remember, this is just one perspective. It’s always wise to do your own research and consider your individual needs before making a decision.


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