High Commission of Canada Vacancies

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      High Commission of Canada Vacancies

      High Commission of Canada Vacancies

      High Commission of Canada Vacancies

      Readiness Program

      High Commission of Canada Vacancies


      Readiness Program

      Readiness Program Officer LE 07

      English – https://www.wfca-tpce.com/vacancyView.php?requirementId=4233&

      Under the direction of the Management and Consular Officer, the Readiness Program Officer:
      • Delivers activities in support of the Readiness Program of the Mission.
      • Delivers and provides support for consular-emergency management services to assist Canadians abroad, develops contingency plans for consular assistance, supports the coordination of the Canadian response during an emergency.
      • Delivers and supports emergency management training, workshops, sessions, drills, briefings, presentations and functional exercises.
      • Researches and monitors changes to local developments, trends, events or potential threats that could have a significant effect on Canadian interests and reports them to the supervisor.
      • Gathers and analyses information to draft briefings, reports and other materials.
      • Represents the Mission’s interests and supports liaison activities with foreign authorities to discuss joint initiatives or exchange information.
      • Establishes and maintains a network of relationships, within the foreign government, other diplomatic/consular missions, local or international organizations.
      • Provides advice and recommendations to management and overall advice and guidance to mission staff.
      • Assists with the day-to-day management of the program budget.

      French – https://www.wfca-tpce.com/fr/vacancyView.php?requirementId=4233&

      Agent du programme de préparation LE 07

      Sous la direction de l’Agent d’administration de la Mission (AAM), l’Agent de programme de préparation :
      • Réalise des activités à l’appui du programme de préparation de la Mission.
      • Fournit et offre du soutien pour les services de gestion des urgences consulaires afin d’aider les Canadiens à l’étranger, élabore des plans d’urgence pour l’assistance consulaire et soutient la coordination de l’intervention canadienne en cas d’urgence.
      • Fournit et soutient la formation en gestion des urgences, des ateliers, des sessions, des exercices, des séances d’information, des présentations et des exercices fonctionnels.
      • Recherche et surveille les changements aux développements locaux, tendances, événements ou menaces potentielles qui pourraient avoir un effet significatif sur les intérêts canadiens et les signale au superviseur.
      • Recueille et analyse des informations pour rédiger des briefings, des rapports et d’autres documents.
      • Représente les intérêts de la Mission et soutient les activités de liaison avec les autorités étrangères pour discuter des initiatives conjointes ou échanger des informations.
      • Établit et maintient un réseau de relations, au sein du gouvernement étranger, d’autres missions diplomatiques / consulaires, des organisations locales ou internationales.
      • Fournit des conseils et des recommandations à la direction et des conseils et des orientations générales au personnel de la mission.
      • Aide à la gestion quotidienne du budget du programme.

      High Commission of Canada Vacancies

      High Commission of Canada Vacancies

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      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020 The incumbent will be required to enhance the value of Bryden pi brands by ensuring all goods are properly displayed and merchandised. BRYDEN PI LTD VACANCY Bryden pi Ltd, one of the leading channel-focused distributors of Consumer, Health and Personal Care products in Trinidad and Tobago is on the lookout for the ideal candidate to join our unique family in the position of MERCHANDISER(EAST/POS).

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      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020 Healthcare Technology Assessment Consultant (Individual) Healthcare Technology Assessment Consultant (Individual) Project: Health Services Support Program Loan No.

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      Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) spearheaded last week an expansive COVID-19 virtual training program, in collaboration with the Caribbean Regional Public Health Agency (CARPHA), to train a diverse range of Trinidad’s tourism stakeholders at no cost to participants. Upon successful completion of the COVID-19 sensitization sessions, participants will be presented with a Certificate Completion.

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