Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

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      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020, Ministry of Health Vacancies Sept. 2020

      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

      Healthcare Technology Assessment Consultant (Individual)

      Ministry of Health


      Healthcare Technology Assessment Consultant (Individual)


      Healthcare Technology Assessment Consultant (Individual)

      Project: Health Services Support Program Loan No. TT- L1039

      Ministry of Health

      General Objectives

      To conduct a Healthcare Technology Assessment of the public Health facilities in Trinidad and Tobago to determine if at all levels and at all times a critical mass of affordable, appropriate, and properly functioning equipment is in use and applied correctly by competent personnel, with minimal risk to their patients and to themselves exist. Additionally, to ensure there are clear policies, technical guidance, standard operating procedures and practical tools for the effective and efficient management of healthcare technology.


      Specific Objectives

      •    To conduct a structured, evidence based assessment of the Healthcare Technologies currently in use at our Healthcare facilities to inform optimal use of that technology and potentially their exit.

      •    To contribute to the process of evidence-based decision making and the managed entry of new technologies.  

      •    To develop standardized models/frameworks and methodologies for continuous reassessment/management drawing from lessons learnt during the HTA


       Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Areas of Expertise

      Academic Qualification

      a)    Post Graduate Degree (PhD level) in Engineering/Biological Sciences/Hospital Management or related fields; or

      b)    Post graduate (Masters Level) Degree in Clinical Engineering, Health Technology Management, Biological Sciences, Hospital Management or related field. 

      General Experience

      a)   Demonstrated experience working in the areas of Management Consulting in Health Sector: 7 years or more or at least 5 to 6 years;

      b)   Demonstrated experience in Management Consulting in Healthcare Technology Assessment and/or Health related issues: 10 years or more, or 7 – 10 years or at least 4 to 6 years.

      Specific Expertise

      a)  Demonstrated skills with respect to project leadership, coordination and delivery of Health Assessment projects: no of projects – 6 or more, 3-5 or at least 2-4 projects;

      b)   Demonstrated experience in carrying out appraisals/assessments of existing Hospital technologies and the subsequent development of action plans: 8 years or more; 5 – 7 or at least 2 – 4 years;

      c)    Demonstrated experience in the development of policies and regulations for Health technology: no of policies – 8 policies or more, 5 – 7 or at least 2 – 4 policies.

      d)    Previous experience in the compilation of health technology assessment reports is desirable.

      e)    Training and experience in Health research

                  Health Sector Knowledge

      a)      Familiarity with the Trinidad and Tobago Health Sector or Health Sector within a similar region

      b)      Knowledge and experience in Health systems development

      c)      Working knowledge of International guidelines for Health Care Technology Assessment

      d)      Demonstrated knowledge of WHO/PAHO Health Care Technology guidelines

      e)      Knowledge of laws, polices and regulations in the Healthcare Industry

      f)       Published work in the area of health technology assessments or Economic evaluation or meta-analysis of published studies/trials on medical devices

        IT Knowledge and Skills

      • Working knowledge of Scheduling Software such as MS Project MS Word, Excel, power point
      • Computer proficiency with high level of familiarity with commonly used packages like MS Word, Excel, power point & Web surfing to search relevant data & documents.

                  Additional Requirements

      • Good communication and presentation skills, excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
      • Willingness to travel to throughout Trinidad and Tobago to collect technical information and the ability to subsequently synthesize information into research evidence.

      The TERMS OF REFERENCE- ANNEX A and details for this position is available on the MINISTRY OF HEALTH WEBSITE.  Your Expression Of Interest accompanied by your CURRICULUM VITAE USING THE REQUIRED FORMAT ANNEX B should be submitted no later than Friday 13th November.


      Click on “Apply Now” to continue the application process.

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      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

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      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020

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      Ministry of Health Vacancy November 2020


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