Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

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      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020, MERCHANDISER SUPERVISOR1

      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020


      A.S. Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Limited & Bryden pi Limited

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      The incumbent will be required to enhance the value of Bryden pi brands by ensuring all goods are properly displayed and merchandised.



      Bryden pi Ltd, one of the leading channel-focused distributors of Consumer, Health and Personal Care products in Trinidad and Tobago is on the lookout for the ideal candidate to join our unique family in the position of MERCHANDISER(EAST/POS). If you are interested in joining an organization where, “We are happy people, committed to enhancing lives with a spirit to serve and exceed expectations”, then we look forward to receiving your application.

      The incumbent will be required to enhance the value of Bryden pi brands by ensuring all goods are properly displayed and merchandised. This entails ensuring all brand standards are maintained, stocks are rotated, retail outlets are regularly visited to ensure products are properly placed and visible and POP material is effectively used.

      Major Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

      • Visit assigned outlets to pack and replenish Bryden pi products according to planogram and route listing.
      • Maintain the Company’s products and brands in the best location so as to ensure visibility, consumer traffic flow, and convenience
      • Rotate stock regularly in warehouses and shelves so as to ensure products expiration issues are minimized or eliminated
      • Submit Request for Credit slips to the Sales Representative/Merchandising Manager/Supervisor within two (2) days of receipt from the customer
      • Use and secure POP material effectively and efficiently visible to the public.
      • Good housekeeping so as to ensure the selling spaces for products are clean and tidy; this includes re-papering shelves with corresponding brand shelf paper
      • Report stock outs to Supervisor and Sales Representative and follow up on orders
      • Ensure correct retail pricing on the shelves
      • Assist the Sales Representative as necessary in terms of placing supplementary orders, ensuring expiring goods are noted and liquidated
      • Support the promotion of the Company’s brands through continuous updating of product knowledge

      Knowledge, Experience & Requirements:

      • A minimum of three (3) CXC passes, including Mathematics and English
      • A minimum of two (2) years’ experience in merchandising
      • Full access to a good working vehicle will be an asset

      Key Competencies:

      • Good interpersonal and communication skills
      • Good organizational skills
      • Good negotiating skills
      • Must be flexible, honest and reliable

      What you can expect:

      • A flexible working environment that allows you to be innovative
      • A team that values people.


      If this sounds like the place for you and you believe you have what it takes to excel, please send your resume

       Kindly note that only suitable candidates will be contacted


      Brydens Merchandiser – East/POS

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      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

      Brydens Merchandiser Vacancy Nov. 2020

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