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Common CBDC cons that worry individuals

The adoption of digital currencies, including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), is expected to continue growing. However, some of the CBDC cons has sparked various concerns and fears among individuals, policymakers, and financial experts.

Governments and central banks around the world are exploring and experimenting with CBDC as a means to enhance payment systems, financial inclusion, and monetary policy.

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At the same time, policymakers and central banks are aware of concerns of the CBDC cons and are working to address them. Here are 10 common CBDC cons that cause concerns and fears in people.

10 CBDC cons that spark concerns and fears

1. Loss of privacy

CBDC could potentially allow central banks or government authorities to monitor and track individual financial transactions more easily. Concerns arise over potential surveillance and the collection of personal financial data, leading to decreased financial privacy.

2. Financial exclusion

While CBDCs aim to improve financial inclusion, there are concerns that certain individuals, especially those without access to digital infrastructure or technology, may face exclusion from the digital financial system.

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3. Cybersecurity risks

The digital nature of CBDCs exposes them to cybersecurity threats and potential cyber-attacks. If not adequately secured, a cyber-incident could lead to financial disruptions and loss of funds for users.

4. Systemic risk and stability

The widespread adoption of CBDCs could impact the stability of the financial system if users prefer CBDCs over commercial bank deposits. This may lead to reduced lending capacity for banks and potential liquidity issues.

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5. Bank runs and depositor confidence

In times of economic uncertainty or financial crises, there could be a risk of bank runs, as depositors might withdraw funds from commercial banks in favour of holding CBDCs directly with the central bank, which could destabilise the banking sector.

6. Impact on monetary policy

CBDCs could alter the effectiveness of traditional monetary policy tools. Central banks might need to adapt their strategies to address issues like interest rate management and controlling the money supply effectively.

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7. Lack of anonymity

Depending on the design, CBDC transactions might not provide the same level of anonymity as cash, raising concerns about the potential misuse or abuse of transaction data.

8. Financial disintermediation

The widespread use of CBDCs could lead to a decrease in the use of traditional banking services, potentially impacting the intermediation role of commercial banks and their ability to lend to the economy.

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9. Technological risks

The implementation and maintenance of CBDCs rely heavily on technology. Technical glitches, system outages, or vulnerabilities could disrupt the financial system and erode public trust.

10. Geopolitical concerns

CBDC adoption might raise geopolitical concerns, as countries with competing interests could use digital currencies as a tool for economic influence or control over other nations.


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It’s worth noting that many fears of the CBDC cons are based on potential risks and uncertainties rather than proven negative outcomes.

Policymakers and central banks are aware of these concerns and are working to address them through thorough research, testing, and robust regulatory frameworks.

The design and implementation of CBDCs will likely involve careful consideration of these potential risks to ensure the benefits of digital currencies are balanced with addressing the associated fears.


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