CBDC and Bitcoin

CBDC and Bitcoin downsides

CBDC and Bitcoin are digital currencies that serve as a means of facilitating trade, commerce, and economic transactions by providing a standardised form of payment for goods, services, and debts.

While CBDC and Bitcoin share the digital realm, they represent fundamentally different concepts and serve distinct purposes. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), being government-backed and centralised, hold the promise of modernising financial systems and bolstering financial inclusion.

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On the other hand, Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, embraces decentralisation and autonomy, capturing the imaginations of enthusiasts as a store of value and a potential hedge against traditional financial systems.

In this article, we explore some of the downsides and challenges associated with the adoption and use of CBDC and Bitcoin.

Downsides of CBDC and Bitcoin


1. Centralisation

CBDCs are issued and controlled by central banks, which means they retain significant control over the monetary system. This centralised nature raises concerns about individual privacy, government surveillance, and potential misuse of financial data.

2. Privacy concerns

Depending on the design and implementation, CBDCs could potentially allow central authorities to track and monitor individuals’ financial transactions more easily, leading to privacy concerns.

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3. System vulnerabilities

Centralised systems are more susceptible to cyber-attacks and technical failures. Any security breach or malfunction in the central bank’s infrastructure could have severe implications for the financial system and people’s trust in the currency.

4. Impact on commercial banks

The introduction of CBDCs might affect the traditional banking system. If users can directly hold and transact in CBDCs, it could reduce the need for bank deposits, impacting the role and stability of commercial banks.

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5. Unbanked and underbanked inclusion

While CBDCs aim to enhance financial inclusion, there might still be challenges in providing access to the unbanked and underbanked populations, especially in regions with limited digital infrastructure.


1. Price volatility

Bitcoin is known for its high price volatility, which can create uncertainty for investors and make it challenging to use as a stable medium of exchange or unit of account for everyday transactions.

2. Scalability and transaction speed

Bitcoin’s current design faces scalability issues, leading to higher transaction fees and longer confirmation times during periods of high demand, hindering its use for everyday transactions.

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3. Lack of regulation

The decentralised and pseudonymous nature of Bitcoin can attract illicit activities, money laundering, and tax evasion. The lack of clear regulation in some jurisdictions raises concerns about consumer protection and systemic risks.

4. Environmental impact

The energy-intensive mining process, especially in proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin, has raised concerns about its carbon footprint and contribution to climate change.

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5. Limited adoption

While Bitcoin has gained significant popularity, it is still not widely accepted as a means of payment, limiting its use in mainstream commercial transactions.

6. Irreversibility of transactions

Bitcoin transactions, once confirmed on the blockchain, are irreversible. This feature can be both advantageous (preventing chargebacks) and a disadvantage (in cases of accidental or fraudulent transactions).

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It’s important to note that both CBDC and Bitcoin are relatively new concepts, and their downsides may evolve and change as technology and adoption progress.

Additionally, various efforts are underway to address some of these downsides, such as improving the efficiency and scalability of blockchain networks or implementing privacy features in CBDCs.

As with any financial innovation, there are trade-offs and challenges to be navigated as these digital currency systems continue to develop.

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