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MTN: Mastercard to scale and secure blockchain technology

The Multi Token Network (MTN) launched by Mastercard is a set of foundational capabilities designed to make transactions within digital asset and blockchain ecosystems secure, scalable, and interoperable – ultimately enabling more efficient payment and commerce applications.

A tailor-made solution for the industry, the MTN Mastercard is beginning to test has four pillars of trust, aiming to meet four key industry needs:  

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1. Trust in counterparty

Effective identity management and permissions are essential to building trusted networks.

Mastercard Crypto Credential, announced in April 2023, to offer a set of common verification standards and infrastructure, in turn enabling trusted interactions among consumers and businesses using blockchain networks.

Mastercard is already working with several partners on an initial project to enable transfers on public chains, and Mastercard’s recent work in the Australian CBDC pilot uses the same technology to secure CBDC transactions on public chain.  

2. Trust in digital payment asset

Stable, regulated, and scalable payment tokensare essential to powering payment applications.

Last year, Mastercard tested the use of tokenised commercial bank deposits between several financial institutions, settling through our existing network.

Mastercard also joined a group of market participants to explore a tokenised deposit platform through a concept called the Regulated Liability Network (RLN).

MTN will support and complement these efforts by enabling regulated payment tokens to power financial applications. Metal Visa Cards

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3. Trust in technology

Scalability of blockchain networks and interoperability among them are critical technologies required for safe transfers of tokens and assets.

Mastercard’s work with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in partnership with Cuscal Payments and Mintable on its CBDC pilot, demonstrates how CBDCs issued by the RBA can be used to make seamless purchases of assets from allow-listed entities on the public blockchain.

MTN aims to offer these capabilities across all supported payment tokens and networks in a scalable manner. 

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4. Trust in consumer protections

MTN will draw on Mastercard’s years of experience developing standards and rules for its card network to provide a common framework for a community of users with shared interests.

This includes clear rules of the roadthat prioritise strong consumer protections, stability, and regulatory compliance. 

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MTN a natural evolution

“MTN represents one of Mastercard’s most ambitious projects in the digital asset space to date,” said Raj Dhamodharan, executive vice president, Blockchain and Digital Assets. “It is a natural evolution that demonstrates Mastercard’s commitment to offering a wider range of payment solutions that are safe, easy to access and always on. Our goal is to support the wider digital asset industry and interested parties to help fortify confidence in its future.”

Beginning in the third quarter, the beta version of MTN will be available in the UK and act as a testbed for developing live pilot applications and use cases with financial institutions, fintechs and central banks.

The first phase of the applications will be powered by tokenised bank deposits. Over time, Mastercard plans to make MTN available in additional markets around the world.  

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About Mastercard (NYSE: MA)

Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry. Their mission is to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, their innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realise their greatest potential. With connections across more than 210 countries and territories, they are building a sustainable world that unlocks priceless possibilities for all.


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