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Is this a Public Service Announcement or a CIA Psy-Op? The ‘EverydaySpy Podcast’ debated

Andrew Bustamante, a former covert CIA intelligence officer, has traded espionage for entrepreneurship. But his new venture, the “EverydaySpy Podcast” with his wife Jihi, a former CIA targeting officer, has raised eyebrows.

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Bustamante, a decorated Air Force veteran, boasts an impressive resume: graduate of the Air Force Academy, experience with nuclear ICBMs, and success in corporate America after leaving the agency. Now, he’s using his expertise to teach listeners how to be “everyday spies” – wielding “social hacks” and “independent thinking” gleaned from their CIA days.

The concept is intriguing. Who wouldn’t want to learn CIA secrets for navigating everyday life? But for some, the podcast reeks of a potential “psy-op in plain sight”.

Before we continue, let’s define a CIA Psy-Op (psychological operation) as:

  • A covert operation undertaken by the CIA to influence the thoughts, emotions, or behaviour of a target audience. This audience can be individuals, groups, or even entire populations.
  • Techniques used can be subtle or overt, and may include:
    • Spreading disinformation or propaganda through various media channels.
    • Planting stories or manipulating public opinion through social media or news outlets.
    • Creating a specific image of the CIA or a particular situation.
    • Influencing public perception of foreign governments or leaders.

It’s important to note that the existence of a specific Psy-Op is rarely confirmed. The effectiveness of these operations relies on them remaining hidden. However, the possibility of such operations existing is a cause for concern, especially when it comes to the potential for manipulating public opinion.

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Is Bustamante offering genuine advice, or is this a clever way to influence public perception?

Here’s why some are wary:

  • Classified information: The CIA is notoriously tight-lipped. Can Bustamante truly discuss real “spy skills” without divulging classified details?
  • Public image management: Is this a strategic attempt to soften the CIA’s image? By portraying former agents as relatable figures with transferable skills, the podcast could be a public relations ploy.
  • Recruiting tool: Could the seemingly innocuous content be a subtle way to attract potential recruits, planting the seeds of intrigue about a career in intelligence?

The Bustamantes deny any ulterior motives. They claim their goal is simply to empower listeners and share valuable life skills honed during their service.

However, the line between education and influence can be blurry.

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So, is the “EverydaySpy Podcast” a legitimate venture or a carefully crafted information operation?

Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Andrew Bustamante’s decision to bring the world of espionage into our living rooms has sparked a lively debate.

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By combining strong security software like Malwarebytes with smart online practices, you can navigate the digital world with confidence, even if Andrew Bustamante and his ilk are lurking in the shadows.


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