3D Printing Construction Market Size to reach USD 47.95M by 2030 at CAGR 101% – research

3D Printing Construction

Design freedom is one of the most appealing aspects of 3D printing. Architects can create complex designs that would be impossible, prohibitively expensive, or time-consuming to develop using traditional construction methods. Construction 3D printing is a technique for creating construction elements or entire buildings by layering concrete, polymer, metal, or other materials on a 3D printer. …

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Home electric vehicle chargers at competitive prices at EV Domestic

Home electric vehicle chargers

One of the largest suppliers and installers of home electric vehicle charging equipment in the UK is EV Domestic. They have an expert team of specialist installers with over 60 years’ experience within the electrical industry. Their competitive prices, extensive list of high-quality products, and flexible appointments schedule, is what …

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Gunshot Detection System Market size to reach USD 2,160 million by 2030

Gunshot Detection System

A demand for gunshot detection systems is expected to rise due to increased gunfire, particularly on school grounds. This has led to various security measures, such as warning people nearby and notifying authorities of the shooting’s location. Growing investments in border security are expected to fuel market growth in the coming …

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