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Women’s interest in AI and software development revealed by BairesDev scholarships

Attracting more than 2,000 women from ten different countries, BairesDev® unveils the impact of its scholarships programme. Thirty percent of the recipients’ interests span specific software development fields, mainly the programming languages JavaScript and React.js, followed by AI—particularly OpenAI chatbots and other specialised AI development tools—and fields like big data, machine learning, and blockchain.

The nearshore software solutions company launched its programme on March 8, 2023. The initiative provided access to over 1,000 online training courses for a year on the Edtech Platform, Platzi.

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English courses and software development rank 30%

“This scholarship significantly impacted my career, enabling me to explore essential tools and gain fundamental knowledge in design, production, and even art within the video game industry,” said Gabriela Bohórquez, computer engineer and scholarship recipient.

“The resources provided have continuously expanded my skills, serving as a pivotal factor in my professional growth. They’ve guided my aspiration to dive into video game creation, fostering the confidence to advance securely in this field.”

The demand for English courses is also 30%, 20% chose soft skills courses, from logical thinking to creative writing, 15% opted for data tool programmes, and 5% leaned into financial education.

“Education is key to creating a more inclusive tech scene. There is still much to do in this field, but we have always believed in promoting opportunities to encourage tech talent development,” says Nacho de Marco, CEO and co-founder at BairesDev. 

“Our AI-based recruitment suite guarantees an unbiased hiring process that focuses solely on skills and qualifications, fostering a diverse workforce. In fact, we’ve experienced an increase of over 40% in female applicants in the first half of 2023 compared to last year.”


The programme showcased broad geographic reach, as submissions came from applicants in more than ten countries, with Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico leading the way. Additionally, the diverse age range of 18 to 50+ reflects the programme’s appeal to women at various career stages.

BairesDev actively champions gender inclusion in tech with various initiatives. Besides this program, the company provides a 30% additional bonus in its referral programme to encourage women hires based on recommendations.

About BairesDev

BairesDev is a strategic partner to hundreds of global brands on their software development journey. The company’s approach centres on understanding before action, offering tailored solutions: dedicated teams, outsourced projects, staff augmentation, and more.

With over a decade of experience, BairesDev has collaborated with startups, Fortune Global 500 companies, and industry disruptors worldwide, alongside the top 1% of tech talent from the Americas and the Caribbean.

– Globe Newswire, Mountain View, California


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