Graduation styles for those goodbyes

When exams are over it’s graduation time. Congratulations to all students who have worked hard in this final year. This is your graduation and you deserve a celebration of a lifetime. It might be the last time you see in person many of your friends, classmates and teachers. You are going to be left with hundreds of photos and videos of the night to remember in your albums and on social media. Graduation time is when school leavers go all out and look their best. Here is a guide for you to step out in style to say all your goodbyes.

Ladies, dress up from head to toe

Young ladies who want to dress up for the glamorous night may be searching high and low for their dream dresses. They still need to find the dream shoes, purse, jewelry, hair accessories, make-up, perfume, and a date. You must look good standing next to your gentleman. Whether you plan to dress up and surprise him or you plan with him to match outfits for the big night, then start putting together your outfit now.

The perfect graduation dress

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The graduation dress you desire may be chosen with a lot of factors to consider. Should it be mini, maxi, ball gown, fitted, chiffon, laced, strapless, long sleeved, or labelled with your favourite fashion designer?

As long as you have narrowed down your graduation dress options to your body type, then go wild and choose a design that makes you want to celebrate.

Shoes for your dancing feet

When deciding on your graduation shoes, ask yourself three questions? Do I really want a stylish shoes with a heel that makes me look taller than my date? Would I even be able to dance the night away wearing these stilettos of my dreams? Do I really want to spend my special night barefooted or sitting down? Wear comfortable stylish shoes, end of story. Bear in mind that as you enter the work place you may be on your feet for long periods. You want to get used to wearing shoes that looks good and feels good on your feet for hours.

Purse and accessories

It’s simple, whatever shoes you choose make sure your purse matches. You may style your hair with accessories that either match your dress or your shoes and purse, your choice. Same goes for jewelry or you may go for the choices between gold, silver, and diamonds. These are guaranteed to light up the room.

Make-up and perfume

If you are making up your own face, try using a make-up kit and guide to get the professional look you desire. Also, try something different and wear new perfume, not the same one you wore to school all year. Remember, you will be slow dancing at least half the night. Make your scent memorable.

Men, suit it up like a gentleman

Many guys like to step out in jeans and blazers for their special graduation night. How about suiting it up and showing your friends that you can be a distinguished gentleman. This look may just be the beginning of what you are going to be wearing as you prepare to enter the work place.

Shoes, ties and cologne

Guys, dress up your suits with the right shoes and ties. For those of you who would be matching outfits with your dates, bear in mind that you only need to match either your shirt or tie with her dress. No need to overdo and wear a fully gold suit to match her gold dress. Wear a cologne that would make her scent memorable. Also, make sure to have her corsage ready for the occasion.

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