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SoundCloud: 6 effective ways to make money using platform

Up until fairly recently, you had to be a very talented vocalist, instrumentalist or band to make money on a music streaming site like SoundCloud. But even as a musician, making money on SoundCloud can be challenging, as the platform primarily focusses on music promotion rather than direct monetisation.

There are a few strategies, however, that you can explore to potentially generate income. Once you’ve gotten these strategies down, it will help you to make money on SoundCloud, and by extension, monetise on other streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Here are 6 strategies to explore.

Apple Music

6 Strategies to generate income using SoundCloud

1. Record yourself talking or reading

With the ever-increasing popularity of audiobooks and podcasts, you can make money just by recording conversations between you and your friends or just reading out classical literature.

Just pick a topic you are passionate about and talk about it for at least 60 minutes. Look up Joe Rogan as an example.

2. Build a strong following as an artiste

Focus on creating high-quality music and consistently upload new tracks to your SoundCloud profile. Engage with your listeners, collaborate with other artistes, and promote your music on social media like TikTok to expand your fanbase. The larger your following, the more opportunities you may have to monetise your work.

Apple Music

2. Join SoundCloud Premier Partner Program

SoundCloud offers a monetisation programme called SoundCloud Premier for eligible artistes. To qualify, you’ll need to have at least 5,000 plays in the past month from countries where SoundCloud monetisation is available. Keep in mind that this programme may not be available in all regions.

3. Collaborate and license your music

Collaborate with other artistes, both on SoundCloud and beyond, to create new tracks. You can also explore licensing your music for commercial use in advertisements, films, TV shows, and video games. Websites like Epidemic Sound, Music Vine, Songtradr, and AudioJungle provide platforms to connect with potential licensing opportunities.

Royalty Free Music for Video Creators | Epidemic Sound

4. Crowdfunding and donations

Engage with your fans and offer them the opportunity to support your work through crowdfunding platforms like Patreon, Ko-fi, or GoFundMe. You can offer exclusive content, early access to tracks on SoundCloud, or personalised rewards to incentivise your fans to contribute.

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5. Merchandise and physical sales

Develop a brand around your music on SoundCloud and create merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, or physical copies of your albums. Utilise online platforms like Bandcamp, Shopify or your own website to sell your merchandise and physical music releases.

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6. YouTube and content creation

Repurpose your music on other platforms like YouTube by creating music videos, lyric videos, or tutorials. By building a presence on YouTube and monetising your content through ads, sponsorships, or Patreon, you can generate additional income.


Remember, building a successful music career takes time, effort, and dedication. While these strategies can potentially help you make money on SoundCloud, it’s important to focus on creating exceptional music, promoting your work, and engaging with your audience across multiple platforms to increase your chances of success.

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