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AI words: Learn this English digraph with one splendid resource in 6 settings

English teachers use all sorts of resources to teach their students difficult words in the English language. When it comes to ai words, they bring out the ai word lists, flashcards, posters, videos and songs.

However, with so many digraphs to learn in English, it is challenging for teachers and parents to cover most of these words using multiple resources. The solution to this problem is to use a simple and splendid book called AI Stories which contains over 70 ai words!

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AI Stories is packed with entertaining stories and colourful images for anyone who enjoys rhymes and light reading. This fun book contains ai words as in main, paid, wait and praise. The digraph ai makes a long-a sound.

Also, the book includes words with ai in them as in hair, stair, fair and pair. The trigraph air makes a short-e sound. Trigraphs with ai are not called ai words.

Improve Spelling and Reading Skills series

Learning difficult English words is made easy with 10 books in the series Improve Spelling and Reading Skills. Each book focusses on words with two particular letters in several fun stories. Readers can become familiar with words and their meanings in Study Zoneā€™s:

  1. AI Stories
  2. EA Stories
  3. EE Stories
  4. EI Stories
  5. EY Stories
  6. IE Stories
  7. OA Stories
  8. OO Stories
  9. OU Stories
  10. OW Stories

These books are available in e-book and paperback on Amazon and can be used in many constructive settings. Here are 6 types of settings for young children, older struggling readers, and non-English speakers to learn ai words using AI Stories in the series Improve Spelling and Reading Skills.

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6 Settings for learning ai words with AI Stories

1. Story time

Use AI stories during story time and explore over 70 ai words in their appropriate contexts. Readers see and hear ai words with similar endings in each story such as main, paid, tail, claim and wait. The endings -ain, -aid, -ail, -aim and -ait are called rimes. Reading words with same rimes in one story is very enjoyable for listeners.

They learn meaning of many ai words, have fun rhyming with them, and can learn homophones properly, while being entertained by fun stories. Choose AI Stories at reading time in the classroom, at bed time or at summer camp. Story time is perfect for exploring ai words.

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2. Spelling improvement class

Learning to spell ai words is made easy with AI Stories in a spelling improvement class. This class is usually conducted for persons who struggle with decoding words, understanding syllables, and identifying familiar blends like digraphs, trigraphs and 4-letter graphemes.

When using flashcards and other resources to help improve spelling, the words are learned in isolation without meaning, which can be a dull task. Learners read and hear the words fair, hair, pair and stair in the AI Stories book. They learn spelling and meaning of these words in their particular contexts, which is exactly what they need.

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3. Poetry session

Explore rhymes in great detail and learn numerous ai words with AI Stories during your poetry session. What better way to make a poetry session fun? It is the best time for readers to see that words with the same rime may or may not rhyme.

Even though the words paid, laid, maid, raid and said all have the same rime -aid, the word said rhymes with red and head. Also, while gain, rain, brain, train and again all have the same rime -ain, the word again rhymes with when. Make poetry time more interesting with AI Stories.

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4. Improving phonological and phonemic awareness class

Help listeners of the English language to break up each sound that they hear in words, and then help them to convert these sounds into symbols using the book AI Stories. They simply lack phonological and phonemic awareness of the English language. Phonological awareness is the umbrella over the many sounds made in speech. These sounds are sentences that are segmented into words, syllables, onset-rime and phoneme.

AI Stories offer enough root words in English to help persons learn that many ai words have similar sounds as other sounds in words that do not include ai in them. An example is wait and gate having the same long-a sound in the middle of the word. Learners will become aware of how the two phonemes ai and a-e represent the same sound.

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5. Reading intervention class

Explore a whole lot of problematic words for persons in a reading intervention class with the book AI Stories. First, you must do your reading assessment to identify the literacy problems to address with a reader. This lets you know if you should start with identifying sounds and letters before bringing out the reading material.

Once the person is ready to attempt reading, this fun book will help with everything else. It will improve decoding skills, knowledge of syllables, homophones, and grammatical usage of words in sentences. Struggling readers become fluent readers faster with AI Stories and their self-esteem is boosted as they understand the text easier.

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6. English as a second language class

Non-English speakers need to use AI Stories to learn many everyday ai words fast. Learning English as a second language can be made easy when the right resources are used. Learners see and hear need-to-know ai words within the proper context in many stories.

Most of the ai words used in the stories are represented by colourful images. Visual imagery helps learners of English as a second language to associate new words with meaning quickly. English learners can know over 70 ai words easily and will be speaking, reading and writing the language in no time.

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Choose AI Stories to teach or learn ai words fast. This one book does the job of ai word lists, flashcards, posters, videos and songs all put together. Use this book during story time, spelling improvement classes, poetry sessions, improving phonological and phonemic awareness classes, reading intervention classes, and English as a second language classes. This is the best way to boost a learnerā€™s confidence in knowing the English language.


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