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Women in tech: BairesDev offers 100 scholarships for training

Women in tech who are interested in starting their careers are offered 100 scholarships by BairesDevĀ®, a nearshore software solutions unicorn.

Through the initiative of providing women in tech with this opportunity, more than 1,000 online training programmes will be available in Platzi, a leading online EdTech platform.

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BairesDev seeks to provide education for women in tech as the next generation of professionals.

According to BairesDev’s Women in Tech Report, the company saw a 400% increase in female candidates between 2015 and 2021. This trend continues in 2023 as women represented 52% of all applications ā€” the highest peak in 13 years.

Women in tech can acquire software development skills

“We believe in the power of education to promote a greater participation of women in technology,” said Nacho de Marco, CEO and co-founder of BairesDev.

“This project is a step forward, in closing the gender gap, and we hope this opportunity will allow many talented women to learn valuable skills and to feel empowered to forge a successful career in programming.”

“Enabling spaces to promote tech education is vital to inspire more women to join the technology industry and assume leadership positions in organisations. It’s time to give them the visibility they deserve and continue our efforts toward closing the gender gap,” said Nicole Chapaval, Chief of Staff at Platzi.

All scholarship recipients will acquire software development skills and access to English classes in Platzi for one year. Applications will be open from March 21 until April 20 to women 18 and older. For more details on how to apply, visit BairesDev Blog. The selected applicants will be notified via email on May 8.

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About BairesDev

BairesDevĀ® provides on-demand nearshore outsourced software development services through skilled technology teams to some of the world’s largest and best-known companies, such as Abbott, Adobe, Coca-Cola, eBay, HP, and KKR. BairesDev’s 4,000-plus professionals work remotely from over 50 countries worldwide to accelerate businesses in over 100 industries. Join BairesDev’s team by applying to https://jobs.bairesdev.com. Or, propose a candidate in the Talent Referral Program https://applicants.bairesdev.com/external-referral   

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About Platzi

Education, particularly specialization, in emerging markets requires impulse, hard work, and time that just a few have available. In 2011, Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst launched an online education platform called Mejorando.la. Two years later, they created Platzi and escalated its business to Silicon Valley. In 2014, Platzi was among the 114 startups -from 5,600 applicants- selected by Y Combinator for a 3-month advisory program and investment. The company was the first Latin American organization to be part of Y Combinator. In 2018, Platzi won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneurs award for the “Best EdTech Startup.” In that same year, Foundation Capital chose the company to invest more than 6 million dollars. In 2021, Platzi raised 60 million dollars in funds, led by Prosus, one of the biggest investment funds for tech in the world.

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– Globe Newswire, Mountain View, CA


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