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7 Best ways to show care to seniors

Aging is a fact of life, and it affects all individuals and families. As adult children with parents as seniors, we may not fully realise how their aging will affect us or how it will affect them.

Neither we may see nor acknowledge any dramatic changes or concerns when they are already seniors, still in good health, and living independently. But as time progresses, the effects of aging will become evident, and your senior will require long-term care.


It affects everyone who either has or will have an elderly family member or loved one in their lives. Remaining in good health as a senior requires much more than medication and treatment alone have to offer.

It is both a psychological and an emotional issue besides medication. With the modern, fast-paced lifestyle, we may not have sufficient time to spend with the seniors. Here we present 7 tips and advice for those who want to care for their elders.

7 tips and advice to help you care for seniors

Helping out with adult incontinence

One of the primary issues associated with aging is adult incontinence. Although there are many options to deal with it, adult incontinence briefs are meant for senior citizens with incontinence issues.

There is no such restriction on who can use or wear pull-up diapers. Ensure they buy diapers from a trusted brand such as NorthShore adult diapers. When adult incontinence is diagnosed, it is a lifestyle for the senior.

In such a scenario, you need to talk it out carefully and explain the need for wearing the various options. Once they are comfortable with a diaper, stick to it.

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Home care for extended periods

Enquire about care providers who are willing to provide care for your senior loved one outside a hospital setting and within the comfort of your home. Depending on a senior’s needs, home care may consist of a caregiver who comes in one day a week or someone who lives in the house to provide 24/7 assistance.

In-home caregivers typically help aging citizens with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing, preparing meals, and managing medication.

Old age homes, no doubt, provide care to seniors staying there; there is nothing like home care. Professionally trained caregivers work to keep older adults as independent as possible while providing them with assistance to stay in their homes. Home care is more emotional than medical or financial reasons.

Enable social inclusion

Create opportunities for your seniors to play an active role in your family and community. Isolation can be a significant cause of emotional distress for older people.

Most elders slip into depression or become isolated and feel lonely, especially when age sets in and they start losing friends from the peer age group. At this age, they need companionship and your time, so ensure that they stay connected with the rest of the world.

They need to make friends with people of their age group. They need to mix with others, visit clubs, or join standard hobby courses.

You need to encourage your elderly seniors to socialize, which can be as simple as chatting with friends. If they don’t have many friends, then encourage them to enroll in hobby classes to meet new people and make friends.

Many older people feel good when they spend time with their grandchildren. If you’re caring for a senior and you have kids, try other fun activities with the children, like playing board games or reading books.

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Coordinate your care

Coordinating services among those providing care for your loved one—both formal and informal. This means that everyone from the primary care physician to the person who may come in once a week to clean the house.

Much emphasis is being given nowadays on the role of a care coordinator in supporting older adults and reaching the critical aims of health care reform: improved patient outcomes, enhanced care experience, reduced costs, reduced provider burnout, and equity in outcomes.

Assist seniors with paperwork

Most times, the seniors are not comfortable or willing to talk about their finances. One must try to have open discussions about their finances, especially if they live on a fixed income or have a limited budget. It might seem awkward, and they may hesitate, but you need to try it.

Since seniors are vulnerable, insurance and credit card companies mis-sell their products. When seniors realise what they have signed on the dotted lines in the form, it is too late. Besides finances, ensure that all essential paperwork is completed, such as their will or power of attorney.

The conversation about finances is not simple. The conversation may seem quite awkward, but it is essential for both you and your senior. Once the tasks are complete, it will give you and your senior peace of mind.


Besides all the tips of elderly care mentioned above, you can take care of your parents and seniors by being there for them. It may only take a few words of encouragement from you and sometimes for you to talk to them to lift their spirits.

In turn, they will feel good about themselves and be more productive. Once they are happier and self-confident, their lives will be more colourful, and they will forget their problems and worries. Do remember that caring for elderly parents is a blessing.


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