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Perfect skin: 11 lifestyle changes to make

Everyone wants perfect skin and that’s not surprising. There’s a lot you cannot change about your skin – characteristics that are inherent but then again there’s a lot that you can change too! Your lifestyle plays a major role in the way your skin looks and feels. Your activities, your exposure, what you put on and inside your body – they certainly reflect on your skin.

If you’re not one to splurge on temporary salon treatments to look great, nor overly dependent on makeup to hide your skin’s flaws, you’re at the right place! If you want long-term healthy, lovely and youthful skin, here are some lifestyle changes that might work for you.

11 lifestyle changes for perfect skin

1. Following a skin care routine everyday

Your skin needs regular care and maintenance to stay optimal. A simple skincare routine with a few basic steps followed every day will indeed help you get the best version of your skin!

Start your routine with cleansing your skin to get rid of impurities, sweat and excess oil so your skin feels fresh and clean. Follow with a toner to deep clean the pores and calm the skin. Next, nourish it with a hydrating moisturizer to protect its natural moisture barrier.

Follow this routine twice every day, once in the morning and once at the end of your day. While the products you use in your skincare routine will depend on your skin type and your personal preference, these basic steps work right just for anyone! This minimal start will, by itself, make a huge difference to the way your skin looks and feels. Every bit of care is rewarding in the short as well as the long term.

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2. Exfoliating once every week

Make it a habit to exfoliate your skin at least once every week as this leads to perfect skin. Exfoliation means to remove the dead skin layer to stimulate the skin to produce new cells. This rejuvenates and regenerates the skin to make it glow and look radiant.

Exfoliation is also important for pore care. Pores tend to get clogged with dead skin cells that get mixed with oil from the skin. This leads to acne – blackheads, whiteheads, even pimples.

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3. Protecting skin from sun damage

Ever heard of photo-damage and premature aging? Wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots and saggy skin making the skin look older for your age? And what about sunburns, inflammation, tans and dark patches? And the worst of all – skin cancer? These are all caused by exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

This is why protecting your skin from the sun is so crucial. Develop a habit to wear sunscreen every time you step out in the sun, even on cloudy days. Avoid the sun as much as possible and keep it covered with protective clothing and gear.

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4. Improving nutrition

You are what you eat – this is most apt for your skin! Your skin reflects the fried and junk food binges, the overindulgence in dairy, the overdependence on refined, processed food as well as your sugary satisfactions.

Improving nutrition means cutting down on all of the above and switching to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts and seeds. Focus on a balanced diet to keep your body and skin functioning optimally. Without providing the right nutrients, how can you expect them to do their best!


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5. Exercising

Exercising improves the blood flow to the different organs, including the skin. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells to grow, mature and regenerate. Besides, exercising is beneficial for your overall well being, a must-do lifestyle change that can change every aspect of your life!

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6. Getting enough sleep

Everyone’s experienced the hideous dark circles and eye bags after skipping a night of sleep. It is only obvious that not getting enough sleep is going to reflect on your skin.

Sleep is the time when the skin cells recover and regenerate. Your skin needs the 6-8 hours every night to reverse the damage of UV radiation to regain its strength and robustness. If you’re one to easily compromise on your beauty sleep for other priorities, think again.

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7. De-stressing

Stress puts your body into overdrive mode when it releases a number of hormones to combat the potential threat. These hormones do terrible things to the skin – causing breakouts, inflammation and skin flares. Long periods of stress can affect you in many negative ways and potentially ruin your skin health.

Find stress-busting activities that work for you, whether it’s meditation, reading a book, watching a show, talking to a friend, practicing art, cooking or anything else at all! Staying stress-free will contribute hugely to your efforts at making that perfect-skin dream come true.

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8. Quit smoking and control drinking

These are poor habits you must quit for several reasons and your skin health is definitely one of them. Smoking constricts the blood vessels reducing blood flow to the skin. This reduces oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin cells. Alcohol, on the other hand, increases pore size for higher chances of developing whiteheads and blackheads.

Quitting these habits will help reduce sagging, dullness and discoloration. Also, your skin will suffer from fewer bouts of redness, puffiness and inflammation.

9. Eating probiotics and prebiotics

Modern science has revealed that our skin is an ecosystem with millions of live bacteria called skin probiotics. The skin flora supports the skin in functioning normally by protecting it and aiding repair and rejuvenation.

Eating probiotics and prebiotics will support your skin’s natural flora and enable it to thrive. Eat adequate amounts of fermented foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, sourdough and cheeses. Also add in high-fibre foods like whole grains, greens, onions, garlic, bananas, etc.

10. Bathing routine

Your skin’s moisture barrier protects it from infections and enables the skin cells to perform their functions. This is why it’s extremely important to do everything you can to avoid your skin from drying up.

Long, hot water showers can be detrimental to the skin as they strip away the natural oils it produces for moisture retention, making it dry. Stick to short showers with cold or warm water instead. Moisturise your skin right after to keep the moisture locked in.

11. Hydrating adequately

Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day. Hydration helps the body function at its best including the skin and its cells. Water increases blood flow and gives the skin an even tone. It also helps flush out the toxins that can build up and result in poor skin health.

On the way to having perfect skin

Remember, your activities, your exposure, what you put on and inside your body – they certainly reflect on your skin. These 11 lifestyles changes are key for achieving perfect skin.

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