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Huawei smartphone owners should delete these apps

By Jevan Soyer. If you own a Huawei smartphone you should take note of these applications and delete them immediately as they may be infected with a malware that goes by the name of “Joker”. It is suspected that over 538,000 Huawei smartphone users may be affected by this. The normal expectation is that if you only visited reputable websites and only used the Google Play or Huawei AppGallery, then you should be safe. Unfortunately, you are not as safe as you think since the infected apps were downloaded from the official Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei smartphone clean-up

As of April 13th, 2021, all infected apps were removed. That means no new downloads of the infected apps could take place. If you have the apps already installed on your Huawei smartphone you would have to do a manual clean-up. This entire thing was first discovered by Dr Web Anti-Virus which then reported it to Huawei who took necessary action.

So, what does Joker malware do?

After you download an app from the AppGallery, let’s say a new keyboard, the downloaded app would act as expected, but deep down inside the app would subscribe users to premium services.

Remember, those permissions that we all click yes to when installing an app? Is that what we really want? Since the app already got permission during the installation process, it can now intercept your SMS confirmation codes.

Now, you are none the wiser to the fact that you are a premium user and being billed accordingly, and the malware could do this for up to 5 apps. The list of apps that were party to this, even though short, is diverse. Basically, there is an app for everyone. Most came from a single app developer Shanxi Kuailaipai Network Technology Co, Ltd.

Affected applications on Huawei smartphone

Here is a list highlighted by Dr Web Anti-Virus. Since the names of apps can be changed or modified the package name has also been included. The package name will also allow you to find it and delete it if you already have it downloaded on your Huawei smartphone.

Application name – Super Keyboard, Package name – com.nova.superkeyboard

Application name – Happy Colour, Package name – com.colour.syuhgbvcff

Application name – Fun Color, Package name – com.funcolor.toucheffects

Application name – New 2021 Keyboard, Package name – com.newyear.onekeyboard

Application name – Camera MX – Photo Video Camera, Package name – com.sdkfj.uhbnji.dsfeff

Application name – BeautyPlus Camera, Package name –

Application name – Color RollingIcon, Package name – com.hwcolor.jinbao.rollingicon

Application name – Funney Meme Emoji, Package name –

Application name – Happy Tapping, Package name – com.tap.tap.duedd

Application name – All-in-One Messenger, Package name – com.messenger.sjdoifo

How to protect your investment

Smartphones have become more important in our day to day lives. We use it for school, work and entertainment. Some smartphones have become as powerful or even more powerful than laptops and desktop computers from as recent as 10 years ago. With this added power comes added cost, flagship models have crossed the US$1,000 mark and even budget models cost as much as a laptop. So, with the value in terms of cost and productivity being said, one should protect their investment.

The same way that the average computer knows that antivirus software is essential, smartphone users and not just Huawei smartphone users need to invest in a reliable antivirus for mobile. There are numerous options out there from the same developers that you have trusted over the years to protect your laptop and desktop computer.

AntiVirus Deals

The people at have you covered with packages from as low as US$8.99 per year. There are packages that would have your device covered for up to 5 years and packages that would give not only you but your entire family piece of mind, by covering multiple devices in a household. At you will not only get deals and discounts on antivirus for your smartphone but your computer as well. They also have VPNs available, and you know how important those are in the information age. Some of the popular brands are:

logo mcafee 1
logo norton 1
logo avg 1
logo avast 1
watchdog 1
logo eset 1
logo avira 1
logo lavasoft 1
logo kaspersky 1
logo vipre 1
malwarebytes 1

Huawei P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus all together

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