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Why do men think about Rome and the Roman Empire?

TikTok trends can be somewhat annoying and have led to foolish and even deadly outcomes. One recent TikTok challenge was to find out how often men think about Rome and the Roman Empire.

It was somewhat of an awakening for some wives. The challenge had them asking their husbands how often they thought of the Roman Empire or Ancient Rome.

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To the surprise of a lot of people, the answers were quite often, some once a week others were multiple times a day. The question however still remained, why do men think about Rome and the Roman Empire?

Possible reason men think about Rome and the Roman Empire

The parallels between the decline of the Roman Empire and certain aspects of the modern world can be a significant reason why individuals including men think about Rome and the Roman Empire.

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire, is a topic of considerable interest, as scholars and enthusiasts often draw comparisons between the events and challenges faced by ancient Rome and those seen in contemporary societies.

The similarities to modern life are:

Political instability

Like the Roman Empire, modern societies might face political instability, corruption, or governance issues that echo some of the problems that plagued ancient Rome.

Economic challenges

Economic issues, such as over reliance on debt, inflation, and economic disparities, are often compared between ancient Rome and today’s world.

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Social decadence

The concept of societal decadence, moral decline, cultural degradation, or societal values shifting, can be compared between ancient Rome and certain aspects of modern society.

Military over extension

The Roman Empire faced challenges due to over extension and the strain of maintaining its vast territories. Similar concerns are drawn regarding the over extension of military power in some modern nations.

Immigration and cultural integration

The Roman Empire faced challenges related to immigration and the integration of different cultures, a topic that has parallels in the modern world. Metal Visa Cards

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Environmental concerns

Some draw parallels between the environmental degradation that occurred in parts of the Roman Empire and modern environmental issues.

Theories to explain what happened to empires and societies over time

Philosophers have pondered how these issues affected ancient societies and how they will affect current and future ones as well. As a result, they have come up with a few theories to explain what happen to empires and societies over time. Below are a few of them.

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The Secular Cycle Theory

The Secular Cycle Theory, introduced by Peter Turchin, is a framework that aims to explain the rise and fall of empires and societies throughout history. It draws upon principles from various disciplines, including history, ecology, and cliodynamics (a transdisciplinary area that uses mathematical and computational approaches to study historical societies).

The theory outlines the cyclical patterns of growth and decline in pre-industrial agrarian societies. It comprises two main phases: an integrative phase marked by growth and stability and a disintegrative phase characterised by strain, social conflict, and decline.

Elite overproduction, where an excess of aspiring elites compete for limited positions of power, contributes to social instability. The theory emphasises the significance of state capacity—the effectiveness of governing institutions—in managing and responding to challenges.

It proposes that the interplay between population dynamics, elite competition, and state capacity shapes the recurring cycles of societal rise and fall, although the theory is subject to scrutiny and may not universally encompass the complexities of historical events and societies.

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The Fourth Turning Theory

The Fourth Turning is a generational theory formulated by William Strauss and Neil Howe in their 1997 book, “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy”. The theory suggests that history unfolds in a cyclical pattern consisting of recurring generational archetypes, each lasting about 20-25 years.

These cycles, or turnings, consist of four distinct generational types that repeat in a sequence. The book primarily focusses on American history, but the theory has been applied to other societies as well.

The theory posits that these cycles shape generational archetypes and societal moods, with each turning characterised by specific social, cultural, and institutional traits. It suggests that history moves in a cyclical pattern, marked by periods of unity, spiritual awakening, societal fragmentation, and ultimately crisis, which then leads to the re-establishment of order.

Generations coming of age within each turn are believed to be influenced by the prevailing mood and events of that era, shaping their values and behaviours.


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Social evolutionism

Social evolutionism is a theoretical framework that emerged in the 19th century, primarily associated with thinkers like Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, and later, Karl Marx. It aimed to explain the development and progression of societies over time, drawing parallels between social and biological evolution.

Social evolutionism sought to explain the development of societies over time akin to biological evolution. It posited a unilinear path of societal progress, asserting that all cultures followed a linear progression from “savage” to “barbarian” and then to “civilised” stages.

This theory proposed that societies became more complex and advanced, marked by technological advancements and cultural achievements. However, social evolutionism faced criticism for its ethnocentric views, overlooking cultural diversity and complexity, and its biased perception of Western societies as the epitome of development.

Modern social sciences have moved away from such deterministic, unilinear views, emphasising cultural diversity and the distinct trajectories of societal development across various cultures.

The enduring allure of the Roman Empire within the minds of men spans far beyond mere historical curiosity. Its resonance and relatability lie in the captivating lessons it offers, lessons about power, governance, cultural influence, and the complexities of societal evolution.

The empire’s rise and fall serve as a mosaic of cautionary tales, providing invaluable insights into the impact of decisions, the consequences of overreach, and the importance of societal values.

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The parallels drawn between the challenges faced by ancient Rome and those of the modern world illuminate the relevance of history in understanding and addressing contemporary dilemmas.

As men think about Rome and the Roman Empire, they navigate a vast landscape of history, drawing inspiration, wisdom, and timeless lessons that enrich their perspectives on leadership, civilisation, and the human condition.

The legacy of Rome endures not merely in the annals of history, but in the minds of those who seek to unravel its mysteries and learn from its triumphs and tribulations.


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