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Meals for lent – fish, fresh salad, fried bake…

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When Carnival Tuesday is over, it’s Ash Wednesday, and Lent begins. Christians are going to be fasting. Fishermen will be celebrating as sales will increase rapidly. Everybody wants fish. Even the fast food outlets offer specials on fish meals – fish sandwiches and fish fillets and fries. The Ital food vendors will be in their glee as customers flock to their establishments to get a taste of vegetarian food. Felesha Parboo shares photos of the menu at her home during Lent. Her table spread comprises of tomato choka, macaroni salad, fish pie, and fresh salad; fried fish and fried bake. Lent is here and the indulgence is over.

June 2014 – Issue 10


What is the meaning of Lent?

Lent is a period of fasting, moderation, and self-denial traditionally observed by Catholics and some Protestant denominations. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday. The length of the Lenten fast was established in the 4th century as 46 days (40 days, not counting Sundays). Participants eat sparingly or give up a particular food or habit. It’s not uncommon for people to give up smoking, or to swear off watching television or eating candy or telling lies. It’s six weeks of self-discipline. Source:

The Christian churches that observe Lent in the 21st century (and not all do significantly) use it as a time for prayer and penance. Only a small number of people today fast for the whole period, although some maintain the practice on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. It is more common these days for believers to surrender a particular vice such as favourite foods or smoking. Whatever the sacrifice it is a reflection of Jesus’ deprivation in the wilderness and a test of self-discipline. Source: BBC Religions

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