Integral Calculator

How to solve variable values by integral calculator?

Integration calculators provide an efficient and accurate method for finding the values of variables. Whether you are working with polynomials, trigonometric functions, or exponential equations, these calculators can simplify your calculations and provide step-by-step solutions. The integral calculator by calculatored is a straightforward and intuitive tool! To make sure of fast and accurate calculations, read on.

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What is integral?

Integral is a continuous analogue of a sum that is used to calculate areas, volume, and their generalisation.

The process of computing integration is one of two fundamental operations in calculus.

Integration started as solving problems such as finding the area under a curve or determining a displacement from velocity by the integral calculator by calculatored.

What are definite and indefinite integrals?

Definite integral

Definite integral represents the accumulated value of a function over a specific interval.

Indefinite integral

Indefinite integral, also known as antiderivative, represents a family of functions that differ by a constant value.

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Formula for integral calculations

Integration of a real value function with respect to real variable x on an interval a and b is written as:

Definite integral formula:

Formula for definite integral is as follows:

∫[a, b] f(x) dx = F(b) – F(a)


 F(x) = antiderivative of f(x).

  • ∫ = Integral symbol


To derive the formula for a definite integral, we start by considering indefinite integral:

∫ f(x) dx = F(x) + C


  • F(x) is antiderivative of f(x)
  • C is a constant of integration.

Now, we evaluate indefinite integral between limits of integration a and b:

∫[a, b] f(x) dx = F(x) |[a, b]

Evaluating F(x) at b and subtracting F(x) evaluated at a, we get:

F(b) – F(a)

Which represents an accumulated value of function f(x) over an interval [a, b].

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Indefinite integral formula:

Formula for an indefinite integral is:

∫ f(x) dx = F(x) + C


  • F(x) = antiderivative of f(x)
  • C = constant of integration


To derive a formula for indefinite integral, we consider finding the antiderivative of a function f(x).

Start by considering derivatives of f(x)

d/dx [F(x)] = f(x)

A derivative of F(x) with respect to x is equal to function f(x). After rearranging a formula, we have;

f(x) dx = dF(x)

Integrating both sides, we get:

∫ f(x) dx = ∫ dF(x)

Integrating dF(x) gives us:

∫ f(x) dx = F(x) + C

where C is a constant of integration.

The indefinite integral of f(x) is antiderivative F(x) plus a constant C, resulting in a family of functions.

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How does an integral calculator work?

An integral calculator is an incredible tool in calculus that can give an antiderivative and gives a specific area under a curve.

How this free online tool works? Well! This integral calculator is a remarkable tool for you, it is the grade integral calculator. This easy-to-use gadget will allow you to efficiently estimate your integration calculations.

To use this definite integral calculator, enter values and get instant results.


  • Place function in a designated field
  • Select a variable
  • Choose a type of integration that you want to calculate
  • After selection of definite integral put lower and upper bounds
  • If you set indefinite integral so you need to put their values
  • Tap on “calculate” button and get a quick answer


Are you still wondering how to calculate integration? Scroll down to find out – or simply experiment with this incredible tool. It reports in the form of outputs.

  • Integration simplification
  • Definite integral
  • Indefinite integral
  • Step-by-step calculations


What are uses of integration in real life?

Integration is used in various fields such as

  • Determination of shapes and sizes in an engineering field
  • In Physics to find the centre of gravity.
  • Graphical representation to build three-dimensional models.

What is representation used to denote integral?

Mark that is used to indicate integral is (∫)

How many types of integral?

Two main types of integration are under discussion:

  • Definite integration
  • Indefinite integration.

Definite integration: It computes the exact numerical value of integral over a specific interval,

Indefinite integration: It yields a family of functions that differ only by a constant value

Indefinite integration is often used to find general solutions to differential equations.


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