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Top 5 online calculators which are useful for learning math

The first compact calculator was introduced in 1957, which was a great device at that time. Over time, the device shrank to the point where you can easily use it. In the present day, people have started using online calculators such as probability calculator free tools that help you to calculate probability of something.

People start using the online free tools instead of those separate devices. This provides you with a lot of your choice and also shows different ways of using the calculators.

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In this post, we are going to mention the top 5 online tools that are very helpful for your math learning. All the tools that we will mention are free to use so anyone can use these tools without paying a single penny to it. 

Age Calculator Online

The simple calculator to find the age of a person or thing. age is the amount of time something has existed, age is presented in years, months, days and is calculated based on the Gregorian calender. The Gregorian calendar is used by most of the world, introduced on October 15 1582 by pope Gregory XIII.

Top 5 online calculators that help you in solving math problems

Swipe down the page to read the information about the top 5 online calculators you can use whenever you do the math.

Omni Calculator

This is an online platform of a different range of math calculators to solve your mathematical problems. Each online calculator can help you a lot in solving your real-life problems. This platform is shared by millions of users across the globe.

The best part is that the available tools can generate results in seconds and provide the most accurate number that you need. For instance, you’re using its conditional probability calculator that calculates the probability of a single, multiple, two events, series of events.

It also determines the probability of conditional events in a matter of seconds. So, you don’t have to go for the manual calculations for it. The goal of this product is to solve the problems that people deal with on a regular basis.

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Probability Calculator by

Just like Omni calculator, has a range of different calculators that can be used to solve your problems. Its probability calculator in particular is very good. It can be used to calculate the probabilities of multiple events, only two events, or a single event.

It is very easy to use, all you need to do is to provide the correct values of the probabilities, number of events, and number of instances and it will calculate the probabilities for you. The results are calculated in just a few seconds and they are laid out in an easy-to-understand manner.

The equations used in the calculation are discussed in the tool content below the calculators, by reading that people can understand how the probability is being calculated. The best part of this tool is that it is free to use.

There is no doubt that getting an education is changing quickly with the fast technological advancements. In the present time, the educational system is changing across the globe via transformation because of the technology that needs to fulfill the economic and development improvement requirements.

In addition to it, both the learning and teaching experiences take an entirely new dimension just because of the impacts of technology. Nowadays, both students and teachers prefer to use online tools such as statistical conditional probability calculator free tools. This website offers tested, reliable, and efficient online calculators of a wide range that can help you solve your math problems.


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Desmos is known to be an advanced online scientific calculator that can help you in doing the scientific calculation conveniently. This online tool provides you with the tabbed user interface and the buttons that make the calculations in degree, radius, pie values, round numbers, percentages, and angles.

The tool also offers a specific tab for inserting letters and special characters, for example, brackets. The best part of this tool is its settings that have braille mode projector mode, dark mode, etc.

Probability Statistics Calculator by Byjus

Byju’s is an online learning platform that provides you with the best tutors online to learn online. All the teachers available here are experienced and teach their students differently to understand their problems effectively.

Apart from delivering the online lectures, you can also find the best mathematical tools here. For instance, you can use its conditional probability calculator that allows you to determine the possible probability of values for the provided number of events.

Byju’s online conditional probability calculator does the calculation faster, and it also displays the probability values in a matter of seconds. All of its calculators are free to use. All you need is to enter the values carefully to get an accurate figure as a result and press the calculate button to start the calculation process for results.

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Calculator Soup

Calculator soup is known as a free online calculator platform. Here, you will find the different online free calculators such as mortgage, time and date, conversion, physics, statistics, and math calculators such as probability calculator, etc.

Most of the available online calculators will show you the work or equations, which will help you to understand the calculations more conveniently. The best thing is that this website contains the best collection of calculators that are helpful in doing complex calculations in seconds.

In the pandemic situation, the entire educational system of the world gets disturbed badly. Also, moving the physical classes to online classes was also a challenge for the institutions. Online free software and educational tools helped the educational sector a lot at that time. Both teachers and students prefer to use online tools to ease their educational problems.


GeoGebra is a rich open-source online platform developed to bring algebra, spreadsheet, statistics, geometry, graphing, and calculus together in a single easy-to-use package. It becomes a leading platform of providing dynamic mathematics software to support the STE< education within a very little time.

It also features a user-friendly interface and the authoring to create interactive learning resources. The best feature of it is that it is available in multiple languages. So, people from different areas of the world can easily use its free calculators in their own language.

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In this post, we have mentioned the best mathematical tool you can use to solve complicated mathematical problems. There is no doubt that there are tons of online tools and apps that students and teachers can use for the necessary foundational understanding of arithmetical options. In study and for work, math is always an obsession of many people. Pocket computers are useful to solve calculations rapidly.

However, you might be unaware that many developers have launched the latest online automated free tool for math calculations. But, picking up the right one is a daunting task, this is why we mentioned the best tools in this post that you can use to solve your math problems.

For different reasons, using online calculators for free is considered convenient and a better approach than conventional pocket computers. You can use any one of the mentioned above tools without kind of inconvenience.

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