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Fruit bouquets by Daniella Dalton

By Kielon Hilaire. When you look at a banana what is the first thing you think of? Okay, bad example. Now consider staring at an apple, a pear and a watermelon, mouth-watering fresh and ripe to their core. Now what do you see? Many people would see nothing beyond an assortment of juicy fruits that need to be eaten but Daniella Dalton usually sees something different. “How do I transform all of these into an edible fruit bouquet?”

Daniella, a proud Trinbagonian, had been completing her accounting degree in the US when she was introduced to the idea of fruit bouquets by US citizen, Autumn Murphy, now a good friend of hers. Daniella then tried her luck with her first fruit bouquet at her cousin’s baby shower then subsequently produced another bouquet for a thanksgiving dinner. She then went on to create more bouquets for other related events. Yet, it was not until she returned to Trinidad that she began to see the “fruits of her labour” in that creatively transforming fruits into laudable art would appeal to the local market.

Even though the concept of edible fruit bouquets is nothing new, Daniella incorporates her own uniqueness to make hers special. She vows that every bouquet she creates is a symbol of beauty, health and love and that they must always pass her quality control test for sweetness. No sour grapes over here!

Edible fruit bouquets for mom

Mother’s Day coming up? “Give Mom an edible fruit bouquet”. Valentine’s Day already gone? “Celebrate your love next year.” And of course who could resist edible fruit arrangements in the midst of a romantic getaway or the thrill of a new party or birthday lime. Even so, Daniella claims that Father’s Day is the one special day that is often taken for granted and that men who step up and show themselves as father figures deserve to be equally commended. She is therefore hoping to release a “Real men eat fruit” campaign in the near future, though she smiled at the end of that statement.

Considering Daniella was raised in a single parent home by her mother and is one of four siblings, life had not been the easiest for her, yet she made it through and it is admirable how this beautiful young woman has managed to take control of her own destiny with the unyielding goal of making a good name for herself.

Still, as it usually takes to accomplish anything worthwhile in life Daniella does face occasional challenges. For instance, sourcing the right size, shape and texture of fruit to make the exact bouquet she envisions is not always easy and at the moment her fruit bouquets are available per request only. But her business is steadfastly growing and with the commitment and dedication she currently possesses anything is surely possible.

When Daniella is not making fruit bouquets she is usually out hiking, liming, enhancing her spirituality, and baking banana bread, plantain bread and cakes for another breed of loyal customers. Yet somehow she always returns to playing around with fruit.

As more people become conscious of their health and the importance of good eating there is no other time than the present to indulge in an edible bouquet — but not just any fruit bouquet, DD’s fruit bouquets!

Check it out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/DDs-Fruit-Bouquets-856012861091819/

April 2014 – Issue 9    www.sweettntmagazine.com

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