Restaurant Manager (Chain) Vacancy

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      Restaurant Manager (Chain) Vacancy

      Restaurant Manager (Chain) Vacancy

      Restaurant Manager (Chain) Vacancy

      Restaurant Manager (Chain)

      Deadline 10th October, 2020

      Apply here


      As the Restaurant Manager of Flame Express Limited, you are to ensure that all staff do diligently, what they are assigned to do.

      With this responsibility you are also to ensure that you are HONEST in all your dealings and ensure that this practice is also taken very seriously by all supervisory and subordinate staff.

      If at any time you notice dishonest behaviour, or same is brought to your attention by another employee/individual, this MUST be brought to the attention of the Area Manager or Human Resource Manager IMMEDIATELY.

      The following are a list of accountabilities that you are to uphold at all times while on duty:-

      • Ensure that you possess an in-depth knowledge of the menu in an effort to recommend various combinations to our customers, as well as “suggestive sell” items from our menus.
      • Learn front operations with respect to serving portions, portion sizes and cashing.
      • Be very vigilant when monitoring cashiers to be able to determine any occurrence of pilfering or giving away of food etc.
      • Inspects dining area and ensures cleanliness to all tables, condiment bar and washrooms; this is the first area our customers see when they walk through our doors, it MUST be tidy at all times.
      • Maintains, with the input of the Area Managers, food quality ensuring the highest standards of food and beverage service is maintained, as well as possess an eye for detail and the ability to drive consistent and excellent customer service.
      • Recognizes deficiencies or problem areas, whether it be on the front line, cook line or prep, and provides solutions to achieve desired results in line with the Managing Director’s standards.
      • Work with Shift Supervisors and Area Managers, maintaining satisfactory inventory of stock to ensure adequate quantities are maintained and spoilage minimized and that there is no wastage of stock, in an effort to curtail cost within the company.
      • Ensure relevant operating forms such as Lock-up Checklist, Staff Plan, Par Sheets, Stock Sheets and Record of Locker Keys are completed/maintained consistently on a daily basis.
      • Ensure wastage at the end of the night is at a minimal and no excessive food is cooked.
      • Ensure that you address all staff in a respectful manner, whenever disciplining or correcting, if there be any insubordination, this must be brought to the attention of the Area Managers and by extension the Human Resource Manager.
      • Always keep at the top of your mind that we as Leaders lead by example, staff will follow what we do, so “DO THE RIGHT THING ALL THE TIME”.


      1. Do you possess a Degree in Business Management or Marketing (optional)?
      2. Do you have over 4 years of knowledge/experience in Restaurant Management?
      3. Do you possess any qualifications in Culinary Management?
      4. Are you familiar with the industry’s best practices?
      5. Do you have knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc.)?
      6. Do you have a passion for the Food Industry and want to continue your career in this field?
      7. Are you flexible and own a vehicle?

      Apply here

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