ForenSys Employment Opportunity

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      ForenSys Employment Opportunity

      FORENSYS Employment Opportunity

      ForenSys Employment Opportunity

      •  SALARY: $0-$10,000
      •  DEADLINE: October 14, 2020


      Market: Trinidad & Tobago

      Team: Operations – Dispatch

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      Job Purpose:

      The Dispatcher is the contact person for the parties involved in vehicular accidents, coordinates the Agents and/or other relevant third parties and gives logistic support with regards to vehicular accidents, as well as distributes calls to third parties according to relevant procedures.


      • The Dispatcher reports hierarchically to the Product Manager regarding the coordination of logistic support, the administrative and customer service tasks and the distribution of calls to third parties
      • The tasks are performed according to instructions, guidelines and manuals of ForenSys Caribbean
      • The Dispatcher makes decisions by coordinating to be as timely as possible

      Skills & Competence profile:

      • General knowledge of dispatch operations
      • Giving superior customer service
      • Knowledge of the vision, mission and values of ForenSys
      • Knowledge of telephone etiquette
      • Knowledge of the means, systems and applications used at ForenSys
      • General knowledge and affinity with the computer
      • Geographical street knowledge and good sense of direction
      • Accurate, organized and structured
      • Good organizational skills with the ability to prioritize
      • Ability to be able to work under stressful circumstances
      • Record-keeping and administrative skills
      • Action-oriented
      • Positive attitude
      • Strong communication skills (oral and written)

      Core Competencies:

      • Customer Service Orientation
      • Professionalism in quality of work
      • Teamwork, attitude and self-motivation
      • Integrity
      • Honesty 

      Job Requirements and Qualifications:

      • Must have at least 3 CXC Ordinary Level passes or equivalent
      • 1 to 2 years experience in similar position
      • Must have customer service experience

      Internal and External Contacts:

      • With Agents, Management and colleagues
      • Involved clients and third parties related to the documentation of vehicular accidents in order to provide or received information

      Duties & Responsibilities:

      1. Is the contact person for the parties involved in vehicular accidents, coordinates the Agents and/or other relevant third parties and gives logistic support with regards to vehicular accidents:
        1. Is well informed about all relevant procedures and asks the Product Manager when in doubt
        2. Is responsible for the preparations at the start of a shift by making sure that all needed documents, materials and means are in place and by received all relevant Information from the prior shift
        3. Receives and handles all incoming calls with regards to vehicular accidents
        4. Uses all relevant and needed means and tools such as the phone, radio, the Dispatch System, GPS and Forms properly
        5. Performs administrative and customer service tasks when required
        6. Reports any irregularities to the Product Manager
      2. Distributes calls to third parties according to relevant procedures:
        1. Answers and distributes calls from any party to the relevant department
        2. Reports and compliment of complaint to the Product Manager
      3. Provides a general contribution to the organization’s objectives:
        1. Comes with solution proposals to problems identified
        2. Always maintain respect for management and other colleagues
        3. Contributes to a positive working atmosphere and team spirit within the organization
      4. Responsible for any other related duties that may be considered in development or execution of this position and its functions
      5. Is responsible for own professional development needs:
        1. Identifies, in consultation with the Product Manager, own professional needs;
        2. Develops a personal development plan (PDP) which aims to achieve a process of constant improvement and professionalization on the most critical areas
        3. Participates in training and other development activities


      • Customers are serviced and assisted efficiently and quickly
      • Satisfied customers
      • Efficient handling of calls
      • Correct and up-to-date records

      ForenSys Employment Opportunity

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      ForenSys Trinidad & Tobago

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      ForenSys Employment Opportunity
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