CBDC status

CBDC status in 123 countries in 2023

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital versions of traditional fiat currencies, controlled by central banks, and have a stable value. The CBDC status in many countries is continuously growing.

The digital currency is shaped by advancements in technology, changes in economic systems, and shifts in consumer behaviour.

Governments and central banks around the world are exploring and experimenting with CBDC as a means to enhance payment systems, financial inclusion, and monetary policy.

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CBDC status in Trinidad and Tobago

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) is conducting research into the issuance of a CBDC, with assistance from the IMF, with a decision about a pilot programme to come shortly.


In November 2018, the CBTT released a statement that it did not view the development of a digital currency as a priority. However, the CBTT’s 2020 Financial Stability Report announced that preliminary research into a digital currency was underway and would continue through 2021.

Further, in 2021 the CBTT’s research department released a working paper on the drawbacks and opportunities of a Caribbean CBDC.

In February 2022, the CBTT announced that a decision on a possible CBDC pilot project would be made by the middle of the year.

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The report referenced potential CBDC benefits related to financial inclusion and increased financial security and efficiency.


Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago




Atlantic Council

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Countries exploring CBDC

The CBDC status in 64 countries is in an advanced exploration phase. Others have fully launched a digital currency.

CBDC status in 123 countries

Here is the full list of countries that are adopting CBDC in 2023.

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Mexico
  4. Bermuda
  5. The Bahamas
  6. Belize
  7. Guatemala
  8. Honduras
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Jamaica
  11. Haiti
  12. Anguilla
  13. Saint Maarten
  14. Antigua and Barbuda
  15. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  16. Montserrat
  17. Dominica
  18. Saint Lucia
  19. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  20. Grenada
  21. Curaçao
  22. Venezuela
  23. Trinidad and Tobago
  24. Brazil
  25. Colombia
  26. Ecuador
  27. Peru
  28. Paraguay
  29. Uruguay
  30. Argentina
  31. Chile
  32. Iceland
  33. Ireland
  34. United Kingdom
  35. Spain
  36. France
  37. Switzerland
  38. Italy
  39. Germany
  40. Netherlands
  41. Austria
  42. Czech Republic
  43. Hungary
  44. Montenegro
  45. Denmark
  46. Norway
  47. Sweden
  48. Finland
  49. Estonia
  50. Lithuania
  51. Belarus
  52. Ukraine
  53. Tunisia
  54. Algeria
  55. Morocco
  56. Senegal
  57. Egypt
  58. Eritrea
  59. Chad
  60. Nigeria
  61. Benin
  62. Ghana
  63. Central African Republic
  64. Cameroon
  65. Equatorial Guinea
  66. Gabon
  67. Uganda
  68. Rwanda
  69. Kenya
  70. Tanzania
  71. Madagascar
  72. Zambia
  73. Zimbabwe
  74. Botswana
  75. Namibia
  76. South Africa
  77. Eswatini
  78. Madagascar
  79. Mauritius
  80. Oman
  81. Saudi Arabia
  82. United Arab Emirates
  83. Qatar
  84. Bahrain
  85. Kuwait
  86. Jordan
  87. Palestine
  88. Israel
  89. Lebanon
  90. Russia
  91. Kazakhstan
  92. Georgia
  93. Azerbaijan
  94. Iran
  95. Pakistan
  96. India
  97. Sri Lanka
  98. Nepal
  99. Bangladesh
  100. Bhutan
  101. Myanmar
  102. Laos
  103. Thailand
  104. Vietnam
  105. Cambodia
  106. Hong Kong
  107. China
  108. Malaysia
  109. Singapore
  110. Macau
  111. Taiwan
  112. South Korea
  113. North Korea
  114. Japan
  115. Australia
  116. New Zeland
  117. Vanutau
  118. Fiji
  119. Solomon Island
  120. Indonesia
  121. Palau
  122. Philippines
  123. Tonga


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