AI sex robots

The dangers of AI sex robots

Throughout history, adult film producers have consistently been at the forefront of embracing cutting-edge technology from Sony’s Betamax to AI sex robots.

In the 1980s, the porn industry played a pivotal role in promoting the widespread adoption of VHS, causing Sony’s Betamax standard to suffer significant setbacks as a consequence.

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This “Format War” was repeated again with Blu-Ray and HD DVD, high-definition DVD standards, HD DVD and Blu-ray, creating a distinct division in the movie industry. Leading technology companies took sides and declared their support for one format or the other.

Tech giants like Sony (Blu-Ray) or Microsoft (HD DVD) advertised the features of each format. Once again, the often underestimated influence of the porn industry played a decisive role in determining the eventual winner.

Source: The deciding factor in HD format war? Porn, of course

Here we are now in 2023, at the cusp of a defining point in history, where AI is expected to change the world astronomically and improve the quality of life. There are also fears that AI could pose a threat in terms of making certain jobs redundant, by replacing humans with AI.

A quick browse of the internet and you will see AI being inserted into everything imaginable, from cars to houses and robots.

In the last few months, a series of AI chatbots were rolled out, giving people the option to socialise without having to interact with real humans. Surprisingly, they were very popular and created some truly disturbing outcomes.


Initially, they were introduced to cure loneliness and treat depression and anxiety. Then, romantic chatbots like Replika AI became mainstream with users falling in love with them.

Replika boasts that it is “the AI companion who cares”. It gives users a bespoke experience tailor-made for the individual user. With the addition of a VR headset like the Oculus Quest 2, the user can carry the experience to the next level, but there was still one hurdle to cross.

Porn offers users visual and auditory stimulation and virtual reality makes the experience more immersive, sex dolls give users a physical experience. AI sex robots aim to offer all of these stimuli specific to the preferences of the user.

Whatever the intent, whether therapeutic or recreational, AI sex robots pose a unique set of risks as we invite them unto the most intimate aspects of our lives. Here are 10 risks posed by AI sex robots.

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10 risks posed by AI sex robots

Privacy and data security

AI sex robots may collect personal data and sensitive information about users. Ensuring proper data protection and guarding against potential breaches is crucial.

Addiction and dependency

Users might become emotionally or psychologically dependent on their AI sex robots, negatively affecting their real-world relationships and social interactions.


Objectification and consent

Encouraging the objectification of individuals and perpetuating harmful ideas about consent and boundaries could be a concern when using AI sex robots.

Social isolation

Prolonged use of AI sex robots could lead to social isolation as users may prefer their virtual companions over real human interactions.

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Ethical concerns

The use of AI in the context of intimate relationships raises various ethical questions, including issues surrounding consent, exploitation, and commodification of human interactions.

Potential for abuse

There is a risk that AI sex robots could be used to simulate non-consensual acts, promoting harmful behaviours or fantasies.

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Impact on relationships

The use of AI sex robots in committed relationships may lead to jealousy, mistrust, and feelings of emotional betrayal.

False sense of intimacy

AI sex robots might offer a simulated sense of emotional connection, leading users to believe they have genuine relationships, while in reality, it is a one-sided interaction with a machine.

Inequality and object standards

AI sex robots could reinforce unrealistic body standards, leading to body image issues and further perpetuating harmful societal norms.

Hacking and malicious use

As with any connected technology, AI sex robots might be vulnerable to hacking or malicious use, potentially leading to privacy violations or harmful activities.


Closing words

It’s important to understand that the potential risks and benefits of AI sex robots can vary based on how the technology is developed, implemented, and regulated. Ethical considerations, user education, and responsible development practices are essential to mitigate these risks and ensure technology is used responsibly and ethically.


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