TTPS App nominated for award by World Police Summit 2023

Over the last 3 years, the TTPS App has been used effectively to fight crime in Trinidad and Tobago, acknowledges Shaare Technologies LLC, the developers of the TTPS App.

The company nominated the TTPS App of Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for the Innovative Police Force Award 2023 by the World Police Summit, to be held in Dubai, March 7-9 2023.

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On December 2, 2022, the company submitted its S4 Law Enforcement and Public Safety Technology to be judged amongst the best technologies in the world. The Innovative Police Force Award category recognises ground-breaking innovation programmes within global police forces that have a major influence on enhancing the day-to-day operations of police forces or augmenting public safety and security.

TTPS App to be highlighted at World Police Summit 2023

The World Police Summit Awards Ceremony will be held on March 9, 2023 and it will highlight the TTPS App. Trinidad and Tobago and the TTPS will be highlighted on the global stage as a modern technology driven country with high tech policing. This will have tremendous benefits for Trinidad and Tobago internationally, and promote public trust in the TTPS. 

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds, and Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood Christopher, were notified by Shaare and by correspondence from the Government of Dubai and the World Police Summit.

TTPS - Trinidad & Tobago Polic - Apps on Google Play

See link to World Police Summit here:

A dedicated digital media platform for the TTPS

The TTPS App offers the TTPS a dedicated digital media platform to connect with the public, without the noise and misinformation of social media.

The media platform allows the police to alert and inform the public of news updates, missing persons, wanted persons, and other important updates, in real-time.

All updates are also automatically translated into Spanish for the growing Spanish speaking population in Trinidad and Tobago.

Contacting or locating a police station or service is easier with the TTPS App

The TTPS App offers users a quick and easy way to contact or locate a police station or service from their mobile phones. A click on any of TTPS’ services will connect the user to the selected service.

A full list of police stations and protective units, displaying their contact numbers, addresses and location finder features make it easy for users to contact or locate a police station. Users are also able to use the “Find Nearest Police Station” feature.


Reporting crime and public safety risks

The TTPS App allows users to report crimes and public safety reports from their mobile phones anywhere. Users select a crime report category and report crimes directly to the TTPS, who connects with the users in real time about the crime reports.

TTPS reporting crime and public safety

Reporting with photo and video evidence, and live streaming from location

The TTPS App allows users to report crimes and public safety hazards from anywhere, with photos or videos. Users can also live stream a crime scene or public hazard so that the TTPS knows the risks before they arrive at the scene.

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By partnering with the UNHCR, the app features Auto Translate; which allows users to report in their own language. The police will be able to read the report and have their responses automatically translated, back to the users’ native language, for seamless communication during crime reports.

World Police Summit

Other important features for crime reporting include:

  1. Sharing your location
  2. Voice notes
  3. Video calls
  4. Uploading of media (images or videos)
TTPS reporting with photo and video evidence

A better call for help

The TTPS App’s SOS feature, provides the public with a fast and easy way to call for urgent help when in personal danger. The TTPS App requires only 2 taps on a mobile device to call for urgent assistance.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 200711

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When activated, TTPS’ SOS feature immediately alerts law enforcement of a call for help, and identifies the victim by name and photo ID. The SOS also displays the precise, live location of the user, if the victim even if he/she is on the move. The SOS activation also simultaneously sends emergency notifications to up to 5 emergency contacts of the victim.

TTPS a better call for help

Protecting special risks persons

Living with the real threat of critical personal danger and the need for urgent assistance when the threat occurs, is a hard reality for some persons. TTPS SOS technology helps special risk persons to be easily identified by the police service when they send an SOS for urgent assistance.

Special risks like occupational risks, restraining orders, etc are detailed in the callers’ SOS information, so that police officers and/or other respondents can know of their potential dangers and be better prepared to respond to their risks.

TTPS’ SOS technology protects nationals from dangers such as human trafficking or kidnappings, etc, whilst they are abroad in a foreign country. The SOS feature will alert local protective services of a national’s call for help and track their location and movements when they are in danger.

TTPS protecting special risks persons

Data point alerts

The TTPS App allows the TTPS to set up data points that send digital alerts to citizens’ mobile phones each time they pass near Temporarily Established Data Point Locations. The digital alerts can be used for public safety and security information, and disaster and emergency notifications. 

No internet connection, WiFi or phone data is required for persons to receive the alerts.

TTPS data point alerts

TTPS App administration

The TTPS App is managed by Corporate Communications Department and the Command Center of the TTPS, and overseen by the Commissioner of Police.

TTPS administration


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