Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile dysfunction: 7 early signs men shouldn’t ignore

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and maintain an erection to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse. An erection happens due to increased blood flow into the penis stimulated by sexual excitement or direct contact.

Having occasional erection issues should not be worrying; however, ongoing erectile dysfunction is a sign of health problems that require medical attention. There are various treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. Convenient Tadalafil Daily treatment is one of the effective solutions for long-term management.

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ED is a prevalent condition affecting both the physical and psychosocial health of an individual. A Canadian study shows that 49.4% of men over 40 years suffer erectile dysfunction, while other reports indicate that 5% to 20% of men have moderate to severe erection problems.

If you’re concerned about your penile erection, it’s essential to inform your doctor or refer Here are the early signs of erectile dysfunction that can inform your decision to seek treatment.

7 early signs of erectile dysfunction

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1. Lack of morning erections

Most people experience morning erections when they wake up because the brain releases in small quantities the hormone noradrenaline that prevents erections during sleep. If you have regular morning erections, it means that the arteries that allow blood flow into the penis are in good health.

Conversely, if you experience fewer erections than usual in the morning, it should serve as a red flag. This could mean that your arteries aren’t healthy, making it hard for blood to flow into the penis for an erection.

2. Reduced sex desires

Some things usually influence your sexual desires and make you think more about sexual intercourse. If those things no longer work, it’s most likely that the testosterone levels have plummeted.

Testosterone hormone is responsible for sexual drive. If the level of this hormone drops, then your sex drive goes, too, making it difficult to get an arousal.

Apart from a lack of sexual thoughts, other signs of low testosterone are fatigue, mood swings, and difficulty gaining muscle. Therefore, the lack of sexual desires may mean you are starting to develop erection difficulties.

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3. Hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure

The visit to the physical laboratory can tell you if you are in danger of developing erection problems. If lab results indicate positive results in hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, you may be at risk of erectile dysfunction. However, one reading of elevated BP should not be a big deal, but multiple readings for an extended time indicate you have hypertension.

Hypertension and high cholesterol can damage your arteries and make them lose elasticity, making blood flow to the penis hard, causing erection difficulties.

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4. New Medical Prescription

Some drugs (both medicinal and recreational) have side effects like erection difficulties. Antidepressants and hypertension drugs are the usual culprits. For example, antidepressants like Fluoxetine or Chlorpromazine may hinder hormones that help in erection from reaching the brain. You’ll experience these signs after a few weeks of intake.

Thiazides and beta-blockers are some of the hypertension drugs that cause erectile dysfunction. However, if you’re using one of these drugs and notice that it negatively affects your sex life, don’t stop before you seek consultation from your doctor. Some drugs have life-threatening reactions if consumption is stopped or changed without caution.

5. Difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection

Inability to get and maintain an erection is one of the apparent signs of erectile dysfunction. If you observe that it takes you longer to get an erection than usual or have a problem maintaining it, it may be because you’re in the early stages of erectile dysfunction. This problem is usually slow but is progressive. If this happens more frequently, it could result in a bigger problem.

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6. Lack of sleep

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, and people with this type of condition often have difficulty breathing during sleep. Its victims usually snore a lot and find it extremely difficult to sleep.

Sleep apnea affects testosterone and oxygen levels which in turn leads to erection problems. Therefore, if you are battling a sleep disorder, odds are you are potentially in danger of having erectile dysfunction.

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7. Swollen, tender and bleeding gums

An individual suffering from gum disease usually has swollen and bleeding gums. Therefore, if your gums bleed when brushing, you have gum disease. And although they may not directly impact your sexual performance, they are usually responsible for chain events that result in erection problems.

Gum disease may lead to inflammation in your body, damaging blood vessels. Damaged arteries make it difficult for blood to flow to the penis and get an erection.


Every man occasionally experiences erection problems, but it should be a concern if they become frequent, and you may have to seek medical attention. Sometimes erection difficulties may be due to underlying health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes and shouldn’t be ignored. Also, ED negatively impacts your confidence and increases stress, not to mention how it troubles relationships. All these problems make it necessary for you to notice early signs of erectile dysfunction so that timely intervention can be done.

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