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Rango’s Cookhouse and Bar a festive place

By Nerissa Hosein. “I found Rango’s Cookhouse and Bar in Price Plaza a festive, happy place to have a birthday fiesta.”

So you only get one birthday every year right! I always aim to make it memorable! I think it’s so important no matter who you are to take that one day for you and spend some time making yourself happy.

As a stay-at-home mom I don’t always put myself first. My kids and my husband take up most of my time and I have the best time making sure we grow together as a family. But My Birthday is My Birthday. I make sure and celebrate it every year.

Birthday dinner at Rango’s Cookhouse and Bar

This year I chose to go to dinner with family and friends. Of course being ever so budget conscious I tried to pick somewhere that we wouldn’t break our bank accounts, but we could have fun and enjoy the ambience.

Let me say I think I found it at Rango’s Cookhouse and Bar in Price Plaza, Chaguanas! What a festive, happy place to have a birthday! We reached at 8 pm and were seated promptly.

Friendly waiter the highlight of my night

Our ever-so-friendly waiter came to us almost immediately and started with our drinks order. Our menus were handed to us and the party had started. I must say our waiter, although I failed to get his name, was one of the highlights of my night!

He was so friendly, funny, outgoing and enthusiastic, that even though he spoke with a heavy accent and we couldn’t understand him most of the time, he made us laugh.

Excellent Mexican style food

There was  Mexican style food such as tacos and enchiladas. They also serve lots of pasta dishes, seafood and the regular burgers and other types of sandwiches. It’s a good mix and had something for all of my ten guests.

The food was excellent, could not have tasted better. We dined on many different items, my favourite was the Buffalo wings because I just loved the spicy taste.

Sombreros and song

It was such a warm and cozy dining experience… and just when we thought it could not get better they asked for the birthday girl. Our waiter then proceeded to give all of us sombreros, the guys protested but wore them.

Mine was super large but funny and then they brought out a slice of cake with a huge candle and proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to me. Everyone was laughing and clapping. It was a wonderful experience.

Perfect fun night

I must say this place was absolutely perfect for a fun night out. I can’t remember a time that I have gone somewhere and felt so relaxed and had such a great time.

Thanks to my family, friends and the staff at Rango’s I had one of the best birthdays ever this year!

June 2015 – Issue 16

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