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6 Pointers for choosing mobile bar hire for events

Are you planning some special event? Would you like to serve drinks at the venue? If your answer to both the questions is yes, you will have to consider a venue with its own bar. The only problem with such an arrangement is that it can prove to be expensive. Another option that a lot of party planners are using is mobile bar hire for events. You can consider mobile bar hire services for any events like weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, dinner parties, product launches, exhibitions, festive parties, etc.

6 points for choosing mobile bar hire

When hiring a bar service, it is suggested you ask a few important questions. A quality service will only be provided by authentic bar hires. The following points must be kept in mind while looking for an event bar:

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Before hiring the services, the very first thing you need to check is their license. Mobile bar hire for events owners must have an alcohol license for carrying out the business. When you have hired a licensed service provider, you will not end up in any legal trouble. Also, they must be registered following all government norms.

Look at the bar

Different mobile bar hire services offer a different kind of mobile bars. Some of the service providers offer a wide variety of mobile bars. A wide range of materials are used for making these bars like timber, bamboo, aluminium, plastic, and stainless steel. You need to check out all these options so that you can find the one that can meet the aesthetic of your event. Check their webpage to see their sample bar and their previous events. If you are finding it tough to decide the best one for your event, mobile bar hire service professionals can help you with their suggestions.

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Today, the world has become internet savvy. Due to this, it has become simple to check the bar company. Most of the companies have their website, social media presence, and client reviews. Before choosing a mobile bar hire for an events company, ensure you have a look at their online presence. Check out the pictures, past work, and the kind of events they have catered to. See if the mobile bar service provider has experience in handling events like yours.

The drinks offered

Make sure that you personally visit the mobile bar service provider and taste the drinks offered by mobile bar hire for events. A few service providers offer testers of some of their cocktails. With this, you can ensure if their bartenders possess the skills for particular cocktails. You can be sure about what will be served at the event. Also ask them about the non-alcoholic beverages available for children at the event.

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You need to know how much the mobile bar hire for events costs. Make sure you ask for quotes from several companies that you are considering, so that you can compare. The quote should comprise the total cost, amount of drinks served, timing for the availability of bartenders, type of drinks, etc. By getting such a quote you will get a thorough idea about what is included.

Cancellation policy

Make sure that you check the cancellation policy before hiring. Unfortunately, there are times when you might have to cancel the event and require cancelling the bookings that you have made. When you have checked the cancellation policy, you have an idea about how much you will have to bear if the event gets cancelled and you will be well prepared.

Make sure that you consider the above pointers before choosing a company for mobile bar hire for events. Now, that you are planning for some event and want to hire a mobile bar hire. The above are some of the pointers you need to pay attention to. With this, you will be able to get through the best mobile bar hire for events.


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