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Grow hair long and healthy with 5 simple techniques

Everyone wants beautiful hair whether they have it long, short, natural or texturised. Before you can sport the perfect hairstyle, you need to have a full head of healthy-looking hair with which to work. Many techniques to grow hair may include doing a long tedious process yourself, regular visits to a hairdresser, buying fancy shampoos, conditioners, oils and steaming machines, and spending an excessive amount of money to grow hair in the same way other people do it without all the fuss. Here are 5 simple techniques that are used around the world by different people to grow hair successfully.

Grow hair with 5 simple techniques

1. Aloe vera massage

Massage your scalp with aloe vera gel once a week for healthy shiny hair. According to Healthline, aloe vera calms an itchy scalp, deep cleans oily hair, strengthens and repairs hair strands and may promote hair growth. If you have to buy aloe vera to do this, consider growing your own aloe vera plants for yourself to save money.

To use in your hair, cut off the thorns at the edge of the aloe vera first. Slice off the skin to access the gel. Scoop out the powerful gel into a bowl. Use your fingers to mash up the clumpy gel. Part your hair and apply the substance generously to your scalp and hair strands. Leave in for 20 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly. Your hair will look and feel different even after your first application. This is an effective strategy to grow hair without buying expensive hair products with the same aloe vera.

2. Baby shampoo and conditioner wash

This may sound unbelievable, but baby shampoo and conditioner clean your hair just like adult shampoo and conditioner but without the harsh chemicals that contribute to damaging your hair. If you battle with thinning unhealthy-looking hair, consider changing your products and treat your hair gently like a baby. Shampoo and conditioner created for babies lather up, smell nice, clean hair thoroughly, help to grow hair and the best part is several brands are far cheaper than a shampoo and conditioner for adults.

Purchase an affordable baby shampoo and conditioner online or in the baby section of your supermarket. Wash your hair as you would usually do, but use your baby shampoo. Rinse and massage your hair with the baby conditioner. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. After several washes, you will notice a difference in your hair texture, length and shine.

3. Rice water rinse

Believe it or not, the rice water rinse is a growing phenomenon among people around the world who want to grow hair fast. In an article in Medical News Today, advocates of using rice water for hair believe it detangles the hair, makes hair smoother, increases shine, makes hair stronger and helps to grow hair long. Many YouTube videos offer step-by-step instructions showing how to prepare the rice water, rinse hair, and the results of the hair each week over a period. The women in the videos start off with seemingly short, dry and in some cases damaged hair. They show the improvement they get weekly while using the rice water. At the end, they display long, full and healthy-looking hair.

If you would like to try the rice water rinse, use a bowl with a cover, scoop 2 tablespoons of rice into some water and rinse the rice. Add 2 cups of water to the rice, seal the bowl and leave to soak for 12 hours or longer. The claims are that the longer you leave it the better it will be, but note that it smells foul and can be unbearable for some people. After soaking, save the water in a container as you strain the rice to throw away. Wash your hair as you usually do with shampoo and conditioner. Then, slowly pour the rice water on your hair and massage it in gently. Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water and feel the silky texture of your hair immediately. Do this up to three times a week and see the results promised by advocates that it will grow hair.

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4. Brush massage

You have heard many times that brushing your hair is beneficial. This is true to an extent as it massages the scalp and the stimulation promotes hair growth. However, brushing your hair too much or too rough can be damaging. If you want to use a brush to grow hair, do it properly. In an article on Healthline, Vincent De Marco, a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist and owner of Vincent Hair Artistry, recommends “brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This is a healthy way to distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair — but only if you do it gently”.

Use this technique daily to grow hair with the right brush. There is a brush for detangling hair, wet hair, smoothing hair, drying hair, teasing hair, thick hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, thinning hair and preventing breakage. Here are the types of hairbrushes from which you can choose. There is the hair detangler brush, wet hairbrush, shower hairbrush, cushion brush, thermal brush, tiny boar bristle brush, nylon bristle brush, curved brush, natural bristle brush, mixed bristle brush, paddle brush, vented brush, anti-static hairbrush, round brush, teasing brush, rat tail brush, straightening brush and smoothing brush.

5. Protective hairstyles

If your hair type has trouble with dryness, shrinkage, tangling and damage, then protective hairstyles are for you. By putting your hair in a protective hairstyle, you save it from physical, chemical and environmental damage. There is no constant pulling from detangling, exposure to the sun or cold weather, and overuse of combing, brushing, gel and hairspray to style it daily. Your delicate scalp and hair remain untouched for a long while with the necessary maintenance to keep it hydrated and healthy while in a protective hairstyle.

Wrapping up your hair in a bun or an updo are the simplest protective hairstyles that you can try. Twisting, corkscrewing, and plaiting corn rows or cane rows require a lot more skills and effort, but these protective hairstyles are very effective if you plan to grow hair fast. Using wigs, weaves and extensions cover up your hair and protect it from external damage. If you are into different styles then ask your hairdresser to show you how many things you can do with braids. When using protective hairstyles, make sure to keep your hair clean, conditioned and hydrated.


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