Hair care for professionals.
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Hair care for professionals with chemical-free products

“Popular services among our clientele includes the installation of Brazilian Knot, Microloop and Microlink extensions, wig making and full coverage weaves… relaxing, coloring, washing and styling … the focus is always doing so with a healthy head of hair at the foundation.” Rashida Ryan shares insights about her services, products and hair care for professionals at Hair by Rashida located in Tunapuna, Trinidad.

At Hair by Rashida, we cater to the professional woman. We understand that salon time for the professional woman is not just about maintaining her look and being trendy. It is also about doing so, in an appointment based, relaxing and chic environment. As such, Hair by Rashida’s operation is a top-class, time-sensitive salon that gives our guest a first-tier experience while offering all the trendy techniques on the hair market.

Book online for chemical-free hair care for professionals

Current clients love the ease of booking appointments online, the services offered and the environment that we provide at the salon. Potential clients interested in a specialized and professional environment would too. Additionally, our hair care and product line are chemical-free and tailored for use by vegans. Thus, the Alainn collection subsidiary of my business caters to females and males from the age of 7 years upward and with different hair types and therefore different product needs.

Assessment of health of the hair

At the salon, we specialize in hair care and hair extension techniques. At the core of our service is supporting the progression of healthy hair. Popular services among our clientele includes, the installation of Brazilian Knot, Microloop and Microlink extensions, wig making and full coverage weaves. Whether applying extensions or performing ancillary services like relaxing, coloring, washing and styling- the focus is always doing so with a healthy head of hair at the foundation.

As such fundamental to our service is the assessment of the health of the hair, prior to the application of techniques and making healthy hair recommendations and courses of action, inclusive of hair treatments and delaying of techniques that are not in the best interest of cultivating healthy hair for our clients. Because we use and retail our full line of products, our clients can maintain that salon look and feel in-between visits.

Hair care for professionals with chemical-free products



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Rashida’s experience with hair care for professionals

Hair by Rashida and The Alainn Collection were established by and are operated by Rashida:

“I am a hairstylist with 20 plus years of experience in the hair industry. I am constantly engaged in upgrading and honing my skills as a hairstylist, businesswoman, brand ambassador and educator. A substantial amount of my professional and business skills was gained while studying in the UK and then the further development of my business acumen was achieved through training from the School of Business and Computer Science in Trinidad.

‘I love all things hair related’

My love for what I do and my business training prompted me to expand into product development and so in 2016, I launched my edge control under the product line entitled Álainn Collection (derived from my maiden name and also happens to mean beautiful). The brand has increased to 13 products and accessories with a line of quality Human Hair Extensions that I personally sourced in Chennai, India.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and am equally enthused by traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I have an extensive travel history and a love for life— I am an adventurer at heart and a true nature lover. In 2020, I published my first E-book, which is available on Amazon /Google books and Apple. I believe that my story is a work in progress and always evolving, so there is much more to come.

From as young as the age of 8 years, I knew I possessed a love for all things hair related. And so, from that point my dedication has always been to follow that dream. I started professional hairstyling at age 20 and understood very early on that the final product or final look had a lot to do with the quality of products used and so that was the inspiration behind building my brands as both a hairstylist and as the business owner of Alainn Collection.

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My role in the growth of the hair industry

The satisfaction I see on my clients faces and the feedback I receive from those who purchase and use my products, continues to inspire me and lets me know I am on the right track. As an educator in the field, I am inspired by knowing that I am assisting others to follow their dreams of being hairstylist that deliver quality output. Moreover, I am inspired by knowing that I have a role to play in the growth of the hair industry in Trinidad and Tobago and that I can reach customers and clients beyond my reach, by training others.

I view all experiences as an occasion for growth. In both my business, I have good and challenging experiences with customers. The good experiences allow me to feel a sense of satisfaction while not becoming complacent and continuing to enhance my services and products. The challenging experiences, I consider as lessons meant to help me or my products’ development. They give me the opportunity to assess and redefine or substantiate my approaches.

Availability of products for hair care for professionals

All the Alainn Collection products are available on our website and are currently in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica’s major retail stores. Since Covid, I could not restock our distributor in the US, however I intend to resume once the circumstances improve. With the right technical support, I am currently working assiduously to ensure the Amazon/Shopify store will be streaming to serve my customers in the UK, Canada, and Caribbean territories in the coming months.

Contact Rashida for products and hair care for professionals

Interested persons have a number of avenues to reach me and access information on my businesses. These include:

Phone: 868-315-2757


Address: Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna, Booth 10, Trinidad, WI 12345


Instagram: @hairbyrashida and @alainncollection

Facebook: Hair by Rashida / Álainn Collection

Services can be booked via the StyleSeat app on Google Play and Apple App Store

Hair care for professionals with chemical-free products

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