Golf cart
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Great reasons to invest in your own golf cart

Heading to the golf course is one of your favourite pastimes. It’s somewhere you can relax with friends, move around in a golf cart, and have fun, but it is also somewhere you have successfully shaken hands on business deals.

The time spent on the course has obviously paid dividends as your handicap has dropped consistently. You are desperate to see it lower even further.

As your business is also successful at present you want to ensure that time spent on that is while you are fully energised. The course is a cracker and very popular among the local golfing fraternity, but it takes it out of you with its undulating nature.

Something needs to give and it’s at that point you decide to buy your own Golf CaBuyrt from UGO.

Reasons to purchase your own golf cart

There are many reasons you should purchase your own cart.

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Passenger capacity2-3 seats
Overall dimensionL203 X W91 X H165 CM
Battery60v 20ah and CE charger (include 5pcs battery, each is 12V20AH)
Range (loaded)60km
Max. speed30km/h

A golf cart saves time and energy

You will save yourself time and energy on the course, especially if you talk your fellow players into buying or using a cart as well. Both time and energy savings will allow you more rounds and ensure that you will be fully fit when getting up for the important work the following day.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be heading towards retirement, you will get extra years enjoying the agony and ecstasy of your rounds. Save your limbs and prevent possible strains and pulls of muscles on the terrain with the use of a golf cart.

A cart saves money and can be fitted with solar panels

Save yourself some money with a self-sustainable cart which can be fitted with solar panels and do the planet a favour as a cart does not release any carbon emissions.

A cart is also most convenient if you live near the course as it can be used as a home vehicle in the local area.

Save money on petrol and jump aboard your own little vehicle to nip to the shops, with no parking issues. Buying also means there are no rental fees, saving further money.

You have fun as a golf cart owner

You will have fun if you are the owner of a golf cart. It will add to your experience when playing and may even entice youngster family members to take up the game like at famous courses.

Golf cart
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

A cart is convenient on the course

Having a cart is convenient out on the course as there is no need for your pockets and bag to hold spare balls and other paraphernalia. Don’t worry about losing your scoring pencil as it will be in the cart.

It can carry a cold bag to keep your drinks icy cold to stay hydrated and can even be fitted with Wi-Fi, perfect for the apps to offer you assistance around the course in your play. It’s also a more useful place to stay dry if you get caught in a sudden shower. While sheltering you can look around at a leading course for another day.


When you buy your own golf cart you will have fun while saving money. It will ensure that you are able to play more golf for longer to get the maximum from your free time.


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