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Best sports betting picks to make

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the sports betting industry just continues to get bigger and bigger. As long as you are of legal gambling age, betting on sports can eventually become a great way to make some money.

There is an art to becoming a good sports bettor, but knowing all of the options available to you is the most important step. Here are some of the best sports betting picks to make in the growing sports betting industry.

7 Best sports betting picks to make


A moneyline bet is a great way to get started in the sports betting industry as this is the easiest bet to make. All you have to do with a moneyline bet is pick the winning team or individual in a certain matchup.

The biggest catch with this type of bet though is that each option is going to come with a different payout amount. Picking a favourite might be the best way to go most of the time, but it won’t win you a tonne of money.


Betting against the spread is a common phrase muttered in the sports betting industry, and spread betting is extremely common. This type of bet is usually made during football and basketball games, but it will be offered with other sports as well.

Betting against the spread is a step up from moneyline betting, as there are really two steps to this type of wager. Not only do you have to pick a winner, but you also have to figure out how far apart the final spread will be.


A totals bet is another popular betting option and this one is much different than the first ones discussed in this article. With a totals bet, you don’t have to pick a team to win a game, but you are instead focussing on the total number of points scored in a game.

This type of bet is also called an “over/under” because you will have to pick one of those options when making a wager. One positive of this bet is that the payouts for each side of this wager is usually the same.


If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy betting on each individual game, you are still going to have some options. A futures bet is one of those options, and this is a features bet that you can find at all of the sportsbooks.

Futures betting focusses on an outcome that is not going to happen until much later on down the road. The most common type of futures betting is picking the eventual champion of a sport or betting on individual awards.


If you are looking for a big win when betting on sports then you are going to take a close look at parlay betting. A parlay bet is a combination wager, and you are required to combine several smaller wagers into one big bet.

The only negative about parlay betting is that there is much more risk involved, and all of the legs have to hit if you want to win this bet. You are in complete control of putting together a parlay, and you can make the potential payout as large as you want.


Prop betting is another terrific betting option, and this is also a fun way to bet on sports. Prop betting really started to become popular during the Super Bowl each year, but you will now see this type of action being offered during regular season contests as well.

When it comes to prop betting, you can find betting options for both team and individual props. You will also find some prop bets that have very little to do with what takes place during the game, and instead focusses on unique occurrences.

Live Betting

If you fail to get your bets in before a sporting event starts, you are still going to have some options. That’s because live or “in-play” betting is now available as well, and that has also turned into an extremely popular way to bet on sports.

Live betting is done as the game is going on, and you are going to see all of the same betting options that we talked about above being offered during the game. You will have to make a decision quickly with this type of bet as the odds will be changing in real-time.


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