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10 Reasons you should invest in gold in 2023

In a world where money can become worthless overnight, the idea to invest in gold becomes more enticing. In 2023, imagine that the bank where you store your money can collapse in the blink of an eye. It seems like there is no way to store the wealth that you earned through the sweat of your brow.

In 2016, Venezuelans abandoned their national currency due to hyperinflation. Like a scene from the dark ages, all monetary transactions were conducted in either gold or US dollars. Lately, it seems as though, US dollars are not as stable as they used to be. 

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Gold has been a valuable commodity throughout human history. Its rarity, beauty, and durability have made it a popular form of currency, a symbol of wealth and status, and a store of value. In modern times, gold remains a popular investment option for many reasons.

The precious metal has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries. Its value has remained stable even during times of economic uncertainty, making it a safe investment option. If you are considering investing in gold, here are ten reasons why you should go ahead and make the investment.

10 Reasons you should invest in gold in 2023

Hedge against inflation

Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and the purchasing power of currency is decreasing. When inflation rises, the value of currency decreases, and the cost of goods and services increases.

Gold, on the other hand, has historically maintained its value over time and is considered a safe hedge against inflation. In times of high inflation, gold prices tend to rise, which can help preserve the purchasing power of your wealth.

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Diversification is a crucial strategy for any investment portfolio. By investing in different asset classes, you can spread out risk and minimise potential losses.

Gold is an excellent diversification option because it has a low correlation with other asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. This means that gold prices tend to move independently of other investments, and investing in gold can help reduce overall portfolio risk.

Store of value

Gold has been a store of value for centuries, and its enduring value is one of the main reasons why investors continue to invest in it. Unlike paper currency or other assets, gold is a tangible asset that can be stored and easily traded.

As a Universal Asset, gold can be bought and sold anywhere in the world. This makes it an ideal investment option for those who travel frequently or who have investments in different countries. Gold is recognised and valued everywhere, making it a globally recognised asset.

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Geopolitical uncertainty

Geopolitical uncertainty is a significant risk to global financial markets. Political instability, conflicts, war and economic sanctions can all cause financial volatility and instability. In times of geopolitical uncertainty, investors often turn to gold as a safe-haven investment option.

The demand for gold tends to rise during times of crisis, which can help increase its value and provide a safe store of value for investors. If you are concerned about the impact of political events on your investments, gold is a great option.

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Currency devaluation

Currency devaluation occurs when the value of a currency decreases relative to other currencies. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as government intervention, inflation, or economic crises.

When a currency is devalued, it can lead to a loss of purchasing power and increased financial volatility. Gold can help protect against currency devaluation by maintaining its value relative to other currencies.

Gold is a safe haven investment. It has always been considered a safe haven investment during times of economic turmoil.

When stock markets crash or currencies lose value, gold tends to remain relatively stable. It is an asset that can be relied upon to hold its value during times of uncertainty. If you are looking for a stable investment option, gold should be on your list.

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Limited supply

Gold is a finite resource, and its supply is limited. This means that the amount of gold available for investment is limited, and its value is likely to increase over time as demand for it grows.

Unlike other investments, such as stocks or real estate, gold cannot be created or manufactured. This limited supply is one reason why gold is a popular investment option and can help protect against inflation and financial instability.

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Historical performance

Historical performance is an essential factor to consider when making any investment decision. Gold has a long history of performance, and its value has increased significantly over the past few decades.

From 1971 to 2020, the price of gold increased from USD$35 per ounce to over USD$1,800 per ounce. This significant increase in value demonstrates the long-term growth potential of investing in gold. If you are looking for an investment that will hold its value over the long term, gold is a great choice.


Gold is a highly portable asset, which means that it can be easily transported and traded. Unlike other investments such as real estate or stocks, gold can be stored and transported in small amounts, making it a convenient investment option for many investors. Its portability also makes it an excellent investment option for those looking to diversify their assets across different countries or regions.

It can also be used during times of disaster. It can be minted into coins or used in even smaller denominations. So, even when the lights go out, you would still be able to trade your gold for goods and services.

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Gold is a highly liquid asset, meaning that it can be easily bought and sold. This makes it a great investment option for those who need to access their funds, goods and services quickly.

Unlike real estate, which can take months or even years to sell, or stocks, which can be subject to market fluctuations, gold can be sold quickly and easily.

Gold is tangible

Gold is a tangible asset that you can touch and hold in your hand. Unlike stocks or bonds, which are just pieces of paper or numbers on a spreadsheet, gold is a physical asset that you can touch and feel. This gives investors a sense of security and comfort, knowing that their investment is something they can physically hold.

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Long-term investment

Gold is a long-term investment that can provide stability and security to your investment. It has stood the test of time and has a longer track record than any currency in existence.

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There are many reasons you should consider investing in gold. From its historical track record of growth to its beauty and tangibility, gold is an asset that has something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, gold should be on your list of investment options.


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