Glycolic acid face wash

How to choose the right glycolic acid face wash for you

The first thing people do as they wake up or head to bed is to wash their face. Therefore, it is essential to select the facewash you use. A good facial wash has glycolic acid which exfoliates and can nourish your skin as you sleep or protect the skin from environmental conditions during the day.

If you choose the wrong facial wash, it can lead to other adverse challenges, such as causing facial burns or irritation. Therefore, you should carefully and responsibly select the ideal facial wash to nourish your skin and help you deal with other skin conditions.

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The market is filled with different face wash products, making selection challenging. Additionally, not all the good or top face wash will be ideal for your skin due to different skin types. Here are some guidelines to help you select the perfect glycolic acid face wash.

Guidelines for you to choose the right glycolic acid face wash

1. pH Levels

The potential hydrogen levels will determine the effectiveness of the face wash and selecting the suitable glycolic acid face wash and its role in helping you deal with the desired skin conditions. Therefore, before buying any face wash, read the package labels to determine the pH levels to avoid acidic or too basic face wash.

A good face wash should be alkaline and neutral to boost its skin effectiveness. A pH below seven should not be suitable for you since that is acidic and cause facial erosion. Sometimes the acidity level can be too mild, between 6 and 7, to deal with certain conditions requiring mild acidity.

A pH value above seven is considered basic; however, they should not be too basic to avoid the effects on the skin. Consider a face wash with base levels below ten suitable for the skin. When selecting a face wash, the pH should be between 6 and 9.

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2. Skin texture

The glycolic acid face wash has three options: foaming, gel, and cream. Each of these is suitable for different skin conditions and textures; hence the selection should be based on your skin texture and condition. If unsure of your skin condition, talk to a dermatologist to help you.

Foaming face wash is necessary for oily skin since they penetrate deeper pores to treat conditions such as acne from deep skin and sources. The foam face wash contains sodium lauryl sulfate suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation.

The foaming capabilities can also soothe irritating and dry skin. Select face wash with salicylic acid, aloe vera, and tea tree oil since they are suitable for oily skins and have more profound effects.

Ceram cleaners are suitable for sensitive skin since they contain more natural soothing oils and emulsifiers to nourish the skin. Use them for dry skin with thin layers and prone to rashes; for such skin, you need cleansers since they have waterproof capabilities to moisturise skin.

Select cleansers with additional ingredients rich in natural oils to provide more needed oil for the skin and nourish it, preventing the rush and dryness.

If you are unaware of your skin type, select gel face wash. They are aroma free and suitable for those allergic to scents and other conditions.

Sometimes the skin may have a combination of traits, i.e., some parts may be oily while others are dry; hence you should select gel with different ingredients for a combination of the skin.

3. The concentration of glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is one of the essential elements in a face wash since it helps deal with conditions such as acne and other conditions that lead to skin illnesses such as rashes. Therefore, the wash should have a mild acid concentration of about 4 to 10%. The percentage levels vary; however, you should consider your skin condition to avoid one that can harm your skin.

A highly acidic facial wash can significantly harm your skin. For instance, if the percentage is higher, it will penetrate deeper skins, probably past the third layer leading to adverse and internal effects. This means that the wash can even lead to cases of skin damage if continuously used. The other effect is skin bleaching if the pH value is too low.

Read the labels, understand the acidic labels, and how this can affect the skin conditions you want to address. Dealing with long-term cases of acne requires a low-acidic face wash to deal with acne originating from the inner and deeper skin layer. The acidity levels can also determine how the face wash will help you deal with dead skin cells that affect skin texture.


4. Ingredients used

A reliable and effective face wash should also have additional ingredients that can boost the face wash benefits on the skin. First, ensure all the ingredients included in the face wash are organic and extracted from herbs with skin benefits such as smoothening the skin and those with antioxidant effects. Another critical ingredient in the face wash is urea, aloe vera and other organic herbs to nourish the skin.

You are likely to use face wash for long-term needs and benefits; hence, you should avoid those likely to harm the skin, especially if artificially manufactured. Therefore, you should focus on the ingredients before buying any face wash.

Other ingredients include citric, lactic acids, and salicylic acids, ideal antioxidants for skin conditions. Only select those with additional acids if the skin is not too sensitive.


When selecting an ideal face wash, the first consideration should be your skin condition, texture, and skin type. Then select the right one that will nourish the skin while addressing your needs. Consider factors such as acidity, pH levels, and ingredients used. The additional ingredients should be organic and friendly to your skin.

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