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5 Tips to pick the right face wash

Most people probably use a face wash to rid their skin of dirt, grime, and dead cells. But as you shall find, these cosmetic products can offer many other benefits, including rehydrating your skin and keeping dermatological conditions like acne at bay. The best part about facial cleansers is that they come in multiple formulations.

However, picking the suitable face wash isn’t a decision you can simply make on a whim. It requires a deeper understanding of your skin tone and the active ingredients and common additives in these products.

If you’re wondering how to identify the best face wash the next time you hit the beauty store, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the top five tips to select a facial cleanser.

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Top 5 tips to select a face wash

1. Know your skin

This is the most important tip when shopping for face washes or any other cosmetic product for that matter. Ironically, it’s also one of the tips many beauty enthusiasts often skimp on while looking for facial cleansers.

While our skin can look similar at first glance, everyone has a basic skin type that responds in some way to beauty products. Using a face cleanser not designed for your skin tone can prove more harmful than beneficial. You could easily develop several adverse effects, including dryness, irritation, and excessive oiliness. 

Here’s a round-up of the most common skin types:

  • Normal skin – Skin type characterised by an even balance of moisture and oiliness
  • Oily skin – Skin that looks visibly shiny, oily, or greasy a few hours after washing it
  • Dry skin – The direct opposite of oily skin, often marked by susceptibility to flaking and bruising
  • Sensitive skin – Skin type prone to flushing and allergic reactions upon contact with certain chemicals
  • Combination skin – Skin type where some parts are oily whereas others are dry and sensitive

2. Aim for natural ingredients

After determining your skin tone, the next step is to check the compounds that a face cleanser contains. Glycolic acid has recently emerged as a staple ingredient in facial cleansers.

Many dermatologists consider a glycolic acid face wash suitable for all skin types. That’s mainly due to the acid’s ability to exfoliate the skin by dissolving surface oils and dead skin. The substance has also demonstrated an ability to boost collagen production. More collagen on your skin tissues translates to youthful and radiant skin.

What’s more, glycolic acid is incredibly rehydrating and can help keep your skin moisturised. And with its antibacterial properties, there’s more than enough reason to choose face washes formulated with this compound.

3. Understand the ingredients to avoid

As you scout around for a face wash formulated with healthy ingredients, it’s important to keep your eyes out for toxic chemicals too. Below are some of the harmful ingredients in facial cleansers and the risks posed by each.

· Sodium lauryl sulfate

A common ingredient in face washes, car washes, and engine degreasers, sodium lauryl sulfate is notorious for stripping the skin of its natural oils. So, it’s best to consider cleansers that are free of this chemical.

· Parabens

Parabens are preservatives found in most topical products. While they’re effective at prolonging the shelf life of facial washes, parabens have been shown to mimic estrogen. That speaks to their potential for increasing breast cancer risks.

· Synthetic Fragrance

Fragrance sounds like an ingredient you’d happily want in a face wash. However, the word “fragrance” on cosmetic products may denote hundreds of synthetic chemicals, some of which can cause headaches, allergies, and asthma attacks.

Other potentially harmful ingredients in face wash include:

  • Certain oils, such as paraffin, petroleum, and mineral oil
  • Alcohols like propylene glycol, butylene glycol, and isopropyl alcohol
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4. Pick the right product formulation

As already indicated, face washes come in a variety of formulations intended for different skin types. Popular ones include:

· Gel face wash

Gel face wash is clear and has a gel-like consistency. It’s ideal for people with oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

· Cream face wash

Cream face wash typically contains moisturising agents like honey and milk. These cleansers are perfect for all skin types.

· Foam face wash

Foam face washes are a blend of gel and cream cleansers. The products may start off as gels or creams before bursting into a rich, foamy texture. They’re effective at ridding the skin of excess dirt and oil.

5. Consult widely

If you can’t decide on the best face wash for you, it wouldn’t hurt to consult someone else.

Ask your close friends and relatives using a particular face cleanser for insights into the product’s efficacy. You can also consult the aisle attendant at a beauty store for recommendations on the best face wash based on your skin tone.

Don’t forget to discuss with your dermatologist before using beauty products in general and face washes in particular. Their professional input can be invaluable in helping you hone in on the best facial cleanser.


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Final word

Choosing a great face wash is an excellent way to put your best face forward, so to speak. Just remember to research widely before adding these products to your wellness routine.


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